Weekend Update

January 10, 2009

I’ve had every intention of posting more frequently this year. Then I went out of town for our fifth annual Angel Fire, NM girls getaway, and since I’ve been back I’ve been getting back into the swing of working and taking care of things at home. Whenever I go too long without posting I get into a self-defeating cycle of feeling like I need to make a really GOOD post, which causes me to put off posting until I have something really GOOD to say. And the longer it goes, the better the post needs to be. Well this time, forget that. Here are some random things.

My wonderful husband turned 30 this week, and his family got him a Wii. One cool thing about being married is that sometimes you get presents by default. I hope to someday soon have some spare time to play a video game every now and then.

I have had a patient this week who is a real handful. She must be the adult form of ADHD, because she can’t sit still, is extremely needy, and is noncompliant. She has been caught twice smoking in the bathroom. Also twice she has snuck off the floor without telling anyone to go downstairs to smoke, and then she’s too weak to make it back so hospital staff has to bring her. And on the very day that my boss gave us all a lecture about preventing falls in the hospital, she fell. But I know it’s not my fault, because it happened not 15 minutes after my boss herself had actually spoken to the patient about not getting up by herself. Anyway.

So there is my random update. Lately it seems the only chance I have to update is when things are slow at work, and right now I’m eleven hours into a twelve hour shift, so please forgive me.

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    From Tabaitha:

    Anytime I don’t blog for awhile, I feel the same way. Wii’s are fun. We don’t have one yet, but our friends do and I love playing Mario Cart or any of the sports games on Wii Fit. Hope David had a happy 30th!

  2. 2

    From dad:

    your patient sounds a lot like grandma Jean.

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    From Megan:

    1. I love that you have picked up on one of the very most important aspects of married life. Forget all that entering-into-a-holy-covenant mumbo-jumbo… YOU GOT A WII!!! :) P.S. I’m coming to Houston for a quick visit at the end of this month, and we’re gonna have to give the Wii a test-run.

    2. That woman probably has borderline personality disorder. P.S. Now that I’ve worked with someone with BPD, I assume any adult who gives me a hard time has it. :)

    3. :)

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