just a buffer post – it’s friday, after all

April 17, 2009

Ah, Friday. What a great day. Even though for me today begins the first of four days of work, I still enjoy it. We get more discharges than admissions, we get to wear whatever color scrubs we want (I’m wearing pink!), and people are generally in good spirits.

I had a day off yesterday, and I sure did utilize the time. I spent the early morning cleaning, then had a fun day with my good friend Emily. She accompanied me to a card-making class at a local scrapbooking store, and we made 8 adorable birthday cards. If I remember, I’ll take some pictures to share. After a leisurely lunch at Panera, she came back to my house and did my hair. Not only is she my friend, she’s my personal stylist. This time she gave me a trim and put in highlights. Summer’s coming, it’s time to lighten things up!

I spent the rest of the evening running errands, having dinner with another friend, and of course coming home and spending some quality family time with David and our girls Cleo and Eddie. There were some other tasks I wanted to get accomplished, but I always make a longer to-do list than is feasible. Family time is worth putting some things off. :)

I’m still working on my list of 101 goals. Right now I’m stuck at about 87. I’m going to try to finish it up over the weekend so I can post it and get started on Monday.

Well, I have no plans for a big finish here, just wanted to check in. So, happy Friday!

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    From Rae:

    Okay, you’ve inspired me to really work on my list of goals tomorrow. I am going to try to get my husband to help me. I know that I am pathetic, but I use the excuse that he will be impacted by my choices. Ha.

    Your day off sounds very productive to me.

    Happy Weekend!

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    From Uncle David:

    A visit to your aunt and uncle in springtime to see our dogwoods and azaleas better be on your list ;^D

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