why i wish i could have stayed home today

April 28, 2009

Getting out of bed this morning around 4:30 a.m. was beyond hard. It was dark and stormy outside, and both of our dogs, scared, were pushed up next to our legs. David was softly snoring next to me. Our bed has never felt more comfortable.

But I dragged myself out, and was even able to leave the house on time; I was so proud of myself! It was steadily raining, but as I exited the freeway to make the turn into the park and ride, I realized that this was no ordinary April shower. All the cars pulled over to the side of the road with their lights blinking was the first thing to clue me in. When I got to the intersection to turn left under the freeway, I saw a car that had attempted to pass the high water, and failed. It was halfway under. Because I am so smart, I decided to opt out of that route, and I did a U-turn at the next light instead.

I made it to the park and ride only ten minutes late, but then I spent 15 minutes waiting for the bus only to find out that NONE of them had showed up, not even the earliest. I was not about to wait around indefinitely (cancer doesn’t get flooded in, people, my patients need me!), so I got back in my truck. I had to take a veeeeery roundabout route to get back onto the freeway, because high water was all over the place. The rest of the journey wasn’t bad, just a little slow. I was late to report, which throws me off, but I got everything sorted out.

Soon enough, I got an email from David telling me that my sister-in-law is in labor! As if I needed another reason to wish I wasn’t at work. Between work and church the next two days, I don’t know how I’m going to make it to the hospital – but I must! Scott and Vanessa aren’t just our siblings (in-law), they are two of our best friends.

I just hope the medical center doesn’t flood, stranding me here!

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Comments on why i wish i could have stayed home today

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    From DeMo:

    Wow! Quite the day. Your bed does sound soooo good. I think I need a new mattress, or at least a pillow-top because it’s just not as comfy as it used to be. And I could go for another down pillow also. Hmmm… birthday list!

    I hope that all of the rain that you’re getting isn’t going to hit Kansas again. We just had a downpour on Sunday, plus tornado warnings. Hooray for spring!

  2. 2

    From Julienne:

    What a way to start the morning! I’m sure you’ll find time to squeeze in a brand new baby!

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