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July 23, 2009

Did you know that in soccer you can get a yellow card for time wasting? It’s true; my brother specialized in it. But wait, did you know that a yellow card, in soccer, is like a warning? And if you get two of them you get a red card, which ejects you from the game, and also the following game? Some people think of their cards as badges of honor, but time wasting? It’s kind of a stupid reason to get a card.

I hate wasting time. On my days off, I feel really disappointed in myself if I’m not extremely productive. It’s kind of ridiculous, because I know I need to just rest sometimes, but in general that’s how it is. Lately I’ve felt my life drifting into disorganization. A few days ago I realized that I’ve been spending time on too many things that I don’t care that much about, and not enough time on things that are important to me. I wanted to make some changes, but first I had to evaluate my priorities.

Work takes up most of my time now, of course. Apart from that there is time with David, occasionally time with family and friends, church stuff, and household chores/tasks. Those are all necessary, although the chores could be a bit more organized in their execution. There are two things that are important to me that I’m currently not making enough time for: reading for pleasure and Bible study. I do both, but not as much as I’d like to. So I’m determined to make the time, and here is my plan:

1. Change my alarm clock sound. I’m hoping this will keep me from pressing snooze so many times, giving me more time in the morning.

2. Every morning, over my bowl of cereal, do some Bible study. Lately I’ve gotten in the habit of checking my email during this time. I won’t let myself open my computer in the morning anymore.

3. On the bus to work use my phone to check my email and Twitter. I’d love to also use this time (which is about an hour) to read, but who am I kidding? I’d fall asleep in two seconds. Best not to fight it.

4. If I have any downtime at work, check Google Reader.

5. As far as blog reading goes, I realized that I’m following way too many blogs about things I don’t really care about. I want to read blogs written by people I am interested in personally, have a personal connection to, or that are well written. So I’ve gone through and purged my GR of those that I don’t think I’ll miss.

6. Read on my lunch break.

7. Read on the bus ride home (until I fall asleep).

8. I spent some time researching different “To Do” iPhone apps, and after much thought I downloaded one called Things for $9.99. This one is set up closest to the way I actually think, and it has some features that are important to me that aren’t available on free apps. It’s really helping me keep my thoughts clear so I don’t have to worry about forgetting something. I also downloaded a free app called Lists which is where I keep track of things I need to buy, grocery lists, wish lists, etc. I like to have this separate from my to do list. This app is simple and clean, and works just like I need it to.

9. Usually for my days off I write down a ton of things I want to get accomplished. Sometimes it’s overwhelming and I don’t know where to start. When that happens I ask myself the question, “What are the things that I’ll be mad at myself about tomorrow if I don’t do today?” I’ll make sure to do those things first, and if I don’t get to the rest I’ll feel comfortable putting them off until the next day, or whenever I have time again.

10. I don’t watch a ton of TV, but it’s something that’s easy to get sucked into. I have a couple shows that I like to follow, but I’m not going to let myself start a new show. I’ll still let myself watch Law & Order SVU reruns with David though, because it’s time spent with him. :)

I’m hoping that streamlining my life like this will free up some extra time that I can use to read, spend time with David, and learn how to rest without wasting time. Anyone else have any tips?

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    From kaitlyn:

    Ha! I have a post like this coming up very soon! I agree, time organization is such a huge issue to tackle!

  2. 2

    From Uncle David:

    Hey Kat,
    I see you have inherited some of the Stagg OCD from your Grandfather’s side. Recognize it and control it, which it seems you are doing. I had to give up tracking my gas mileage after every fillup. Dad did it but I realized it was a time waster so gave it up. Good luck.

  3. 3

    From Mindy:

    What good, practical ways to make more time for yourself! I’ve been thinking about ways to do this as well, and utilizing morning time is definitely going to be key–I usually eat and run , or even eat breakfast AT work, so I’m going to try to slow down and enjoy the mornings with food and God’s Word. It will help knowing you’re doing the same. :)

    Speaking of blogging… I haven’t updated mine in, but there’s good reason for this, which I will hopefully share soon. Thanks for posting about relatable topics!

  4. 4

    From CJ:

    No tips but I have done some of these things lately as well. I have a lot of time wasters in my life and definitely need to improve making better use of my time.

    Great post!

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