Seven Things

July 14, 2009

I was tagged to write seven things about myself on Saturday by Kaitlyn, and since she said I am an awesome woman I simply must comply. Tomorrow I should have some great pictures of our somewhat-finished living room to share with you, but for now I hope you enjoy these tidbits:

1. I was born at The Methodist Hospital, same place I now work.
2. One of my favorite things about my job is when I get to make beds. I’ve always enjoyed that task; I find it therapeutic.
3. The mattress for our bed is my favorite piece of furniture. It cost $4000 and we are paying it off in two years, no interest. WORTH IT.
4. I am also still paying off a $2000 credit card debt, amassed while I was in school with only a part-time job and measly loans to pay my bills.
5. I am considering going back to school in the somewhat-near future to slowly become a nurse practitioner. I probably will, although it frightens me a little. OK, a lot.
6. I don’t have very many irrational fears, although I almost had a panic attack when attempting to bait a hook with a live shrimp once. And I did have an emotional meltdown when a roach crawled on me in bed while staying at my brother’s house.
7. My husband is not afraid of shrimp or roaches. And he loves me better than anyone ever could, which is the same way I love him.

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Comments on Seven Things

  1. 1

    From lauren:

    remind me to tell you about my roach encounter when i see you tonight.

  2. 2

    From kaitlyn:

    On your last three posts (including this one):

    3. My mom refuses to be floated. Ha! I’m proud of you for seeming to have handled it so well.
    2. OH MY GOODNESS YUCK. What a nightmare.
    1. Yay, you did the survey. Bugs of all kinds freak me out. Also, I can’t stand making my bed,ha!

  3. 3

    From Rae:

    Crazy. I keep thinking that I’ve commented on your posts, and then realize that I’ve not commented on any of the recent ones.

    I love your #7 & 3, and I hate debt. Can’t wait to be done with it. I imagine that you have student debt too… ::sigh::

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