things i love about my husband

September 30, 2009

One of my goals is to write David a list of 100 things I love about him, and this is the perfect time for that. Here are 90 of those things, because the other ten are just for us.

  1. He remembers everything I say.
  2. He likes to run errands. I rarely have to do the grocery shopping.
  3. He made up “Family Bed Time” for us and the dogs, where we spend time loving on them, cuddling, and talking when we get home from work.
  4. His warm soft body, especially because I’m always cold!
  5. Listening to him softly snore in the morning.
  6. How he can fall asleep in 2 seconds no matter where he is.
  7. All his little noises.
  8. Our “lang”.
  9. It doesn’t happen often, but he lets himself cry in front of me.
  10. His musk.
  11. He unashamedly calls me Dayleen – you know, like Brangelina?
  12. He buys me flowers for no reason at all.
  13. He gives me the big half of the pastry, brownie, cookie, etc.
  14. He LOVES dogs.
  15. He tells me he loves me a million times a day and means it.
  16. He won’t relax if there’s anything wrong between us.
  17. He actually likes to cuddle.
  18. He makes everyone laugh.
  19. My whole family loves him.
  20. He has made an effort to get to know my brothers.
  21. He even looks out for them and has concern for them as if they were his flesh and blood.
  22. He is very socially adept, and I am always proud (and grateful) to have him around in social situations.
  23. He has beautiful eyes.
  24. He has strong, defined calves.
  25. He protects me in countless different ways.
  26. He’s a practical spender, but splurges when appropriate.
  27. The way he’s gotten so involved at church. He’s on the leadership team and is a leader in the youth group as well.
  28. He’s extremely sensitive to everyone around him.
  29. He’s close to his family.
  30. He loves to read and always has multiple books going.
  31. He is a great at conversation and I am never bored with him.
  32. He lets me pick the movie or TV show we’ll watch.
  33. His cute mouth.
  34. His thick, sturdy legs.
  35. He loves playing with kids.
  36. How cute he looks holding our nephew Lucas.
  37. He tells me I’m beautiful and notices when I change anything about my appearance.
  38. He always wants to spend time with me and finds a way to make it happen even if we’re both extremely busy.
  39. He helps around the house and I don’t have to ask him to.
  40. He keeps in touch with me throughout the day.
  41. He likes the food I cook…
  42. …but he’s okay with cereal or sandwiches for dinner (thank God).
  43. He treats Cleo (my dog) almost the same as Eddie (his dog).
  44. He tucks me in to bed every night.
  45. He’s a homebody just like me.
  46. He lets me decorate the house in whatever way I want.
  47. He likes sports.
  48. He came to all my indoor soccer games.
  49. He holds onto me in public…
  50. …and in private too.
  51. He’s excited when I buy something for myself because it makes me happy.
  52. He puts up with my blog.
  53. He loves my natural beauty but compliments me when I have makeup on.
  54. He goes to all the Alley Theatre shows with me.
  55. He wants to travel all over…
  56. …but he loves coming home to Houston.
  57. He has the best heart of anyone I know.
  58. He does hilarious imitations and voices.
  59. He does the Right Thing.
  60. He’s been through a whole lot and come out on the other side.
  61. He trusts God with his life.
  62. He always comes to me first with any thoughts, fears, happiness, struggles, good news, etc.
  63. He wants to have a family with me.
  64. He’s faithful.
  65. He honors me by not watching raunchy TV shows or movies.
  66. He makes sure our vehicles are in good shape before we go on a road trip.
  67. He has adapted to my inability to communicate well at night when I’m tired, even though that is when he needs me the most.
  68. He encourages me with all of the projects I take on (cooking, decorating, Internet, etc.).
  69. He is constantly bringing me little treats or gifts that he knows I’ll like.
  70. He never says anything negative about me to other people. He always praises me.
  71. He loves and respects my parents.
  72. He knew he wanted to marry me and pursued me until he had me.
  73. His dimples!
  74. His parents are two of his most favorite people.
  75. He puts up with a very painful hip condition and rarely complains.
  76. He’s an excellent, safe driver and drives us wherever we go.
  77. He’s very intuitive to people’s needs; he can “read” people well.
  78. He’s extremely intelligent.
  79. He lets Cleo sleep in the bed with us and even brings her there every night because he knows I love it.
  80. He makes up silly songs about random things.
  81. He works very hard at his job.
  82. He’s an excellent storyteller.
  83. He’s the best partner for games (especially Trivial Pursuit and Scattergories).
  84. He tells me he loves me when I wake him up at 5 a.m. when I’m leaving for work.
  85. When he reaches for me to pull me close.
  86. He let us buy a $4000 mattress that we are paying off over 2 years (no interest!) because I am in love with it, even though it makes him hot.
  87. The way he loves to make people happy.
  88. He stopped feeding Cleo people food because it makes her sick and she’s gaining weight, even though that is one of his favorite things to do.
  89. He’s an excellent communicator.
  90. He loves me more than I ever thought a human being could love me.

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Comments on things i love about my husband

  1. 1

    From Chelsea:

    I love this. I read every single one of them. I did this for Stephen when we were dating. I kept a journal and every day I wrote a reason why I love him. I did it for a year and gave it to him on Valentines Day. Our men need to hear these things!

    You’re a great wife!

  2. 2

    From Kelly:

    Great list… made me tear up! And I love that you kept 10 things for just the two of you. So very sweet. I’m sure he adores you.

  3. 3

    From Erin Lacy:

    This is so sweet! What a great way to show love and honor your husband! You’re a great wife Kathleen!

  4. 4

    From Carrie:

    So sweet. I’m sure he appreciates this list more than you’ll ever know. I love lists like these – they always make you appreciate the little things that sometimes can get forgotten. I hope you all have a wonderful anniversary (and enjoy your trip!)

  5. 5

    From Vanessa:

    Sounds like a catch – does he have a brother?

  6. 6

    From DeMo:

    Very sweet!

  7. 7

    From mediumcrazy:

    Wow. Not letting my husband see this list because it would make me look bad. You guys are such a sweet couple…nice to see! And I’m just going to assume that the other ten things were dirty. :)

  8. 8

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