Burning Questions

November 14, 2009

Y’all have been there for me in the past, so answer me these questions!

1. I need some new music. Suggestions?

I like acoustic guitar and piano-based stuff, but not exclusively. Over the Rhine has become my all-time favorite band, but some of my other favorites are Nickel Creek and Sandra McCracken. Recently I’m really enjoying Katie Herzig. I need some new Christmas songs too, just not the cheesy ones that they play on the radio.

2. What are your favorite kitchen tools and gadgets?

I’m still working on my Christmas list (even though it is super long already) and I want to know what I can’t live without.

3. What are your favorite iPhone apps?

I’m especially looking for the best Twitter app, the best camera app, and some good games, but anything useful is appreciated!

And go!

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  1. 1

    From Lauren:

    Do you have Andrew Peterson’s “Before the Lamb of God” album? It is an amazing Christmas album. I even listen to it year round. If you don’t have it already, I’m happy to copy it for you. I also have the DVD of the concert if you wanna borrow. :)

    As for kitchen gadets, I’m not so kitchen savvy. But my mom suggests something called a “microplane”. It zests lemons. She also says a good quality garlic press is a must. *shrug*

  2. 2

    From Amy --- Just A Titch:

    1. Good music: The Weepies, Death Cab For Cutie (my fave band!), Ryan Adams, David Gray, Frou Frou.

    2. Kitchen gadgets: toast tongs (little bamboo tongs for grabbing toast so you don’t burn your fingers!) and a good garlic press.

    3. I am a big fan of Tweetie 2 for Twitter, the free Photoshop app and Unblock Me Free.

  3. 3

    From Megan:

    1. I second Lauren’s comment (Hi, Lauren!), but I know you already have “Behold…” So, I would point you to Sufjan Steven’s two Christmas albums, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and OtR’s Christmas stuff. Also, check out the band Hem. I think you might really like them based on your other favorites. Oooh, and check out TV on the Radio for some more fun and melodic rock. And get the soundtrack from “Once.” Um. I’ll stop…

    2. I always think that the simpler the cooking, the better you are. Plus, why unnecessarily get a bunch of gadgets that you then have to wash? As a general rule, I never buy a kitchen gadget that can only do one task. Some good knives will do so much more than all the fancy gadgetry. A good wire whisk will do a lot of good, too.

    3. No comment.

    4. Thanks for the promo yesterday. You’re such a beautiful person.

  4. 4

    From Lauren:

    Ahh you have Behold… then I second Megan’s Sufjan comment. :)

  5. 5

    From kapachino:

    1. I hate to break it to everyone, but I actually don’t really like Sufjan Stevens. Does that make me uncool? Oh well, so be it. I somehow own his Christmas album but can hardly stand to listen to it for long. I have one of OtR’s Christmas albums, but I’d like to get the other. I have A Charlie Brown Christmas. I love the Once soundtrack and I should buy it…thanks for reminding me, Megan!

    2. I own a really great garlic press.

    3. Those look like great apps, Amy! I’ll definitely look into getting them.

  6. 6

    From Megan:

    Ha! That’s funny. I don’t even think Sufjan likes Sufjan these days…


    I don’t think disliking him makes you uncool, silly kid. I think it means you just don’t like him. I really do think you’d like Hem, however.

  7. 7

    From Just Fine Just Dandy:

    Lets see… My current music favorites: Kings of Leon, Band of Horses, and Matt Kearney.

    Kitchen stuff – well I really just need a coffee maker at this point in my life! Ha!

    As for iPhone apps, well I use very basic things. I use the free twitter app. But we always use the Free Tip Calculator when we go out to eat. Ha! No one ever said we were mathmaticians and I like knowing that we’re tipping appropriately!

  8. 8

    From Lauren:

    ok, dorkiest way ever to find christmas music… google the lyrics of holiday commercials. ex: “falling in love at a coffee shop” by landon pigg and “the way i am” by ingrid michaelson. they’re not christmas songs exactly but they feel like it because you associate them with christmas commercials. yes, i do this. and yes, i’m a total dork. i get my music from commericials.

  9. 9

    From Scott:

    1. Kate Rusby has a nice Christmas album she released last year..

    2. We love our bread machine and our new steamer (but the steamer mostly because it makes preparing baby food super easy.)

    3. I’m not sure if these are your types of games, but I really enjoy Peggle, Dungeon Chronicles, and Sol Free (a solitaire game). In terms of utility apps, I use PandoraBox (to check when certain apps go on sale), Amazon.com, and Epicurious.

  10. 10

    From Chelsea:

    1. Shane and Shane. I can always listen to them.

    2. My collapsible colander, crock pot, big flat bottomed non-stick skillet, and I’m asking for a Kuerig this year. I think those are awesome! I’m also asking for a Le Crueset dutch oven.

    3. Can’t help you there.

  11. 11

    From Kyla Roma:

    1. My suggestions are Joshua Radin, Noah and the Whale, The Shins, and City & Colour. They’re so wonderful! I think you’ll really enjoy them.

    2. I would ask for a kitchen aid stand mixer. I don’t have one and making pizza dough without one kiiiind of sucks. I have a 1970’s vintage hand mixer that I love, but that has seen better days =)

    3. iPhone apps!! Hands down, no questions asked, I cannot express how awesome it is twitter app is “Tweetie 2”. It’s extremely fast, totally sleek & pretty, and has a ton of functionality. For $2.99 it’s totally worthwhile. My other favorite app is Flashlight that is just extremely practical.

  12. 12

    From Scott:

    I also just downloaded and started checking out the WordPress app. It’s pretty neat, and it would let you post updates, moderate comments, etc from your phone. Might be nifty for when you’re at work!

  13. 13

    From Naomi:

    My favorite Christmas album is Josh Groban’s Noel. It’s the only Christmas music that doens’t make me gag. Also check out lonleymoster.com this a local record label here in Chicago, and I know all of the artists personally. Ben Bruckner is a guitarist with this deep bass voice, and Joe Davis is along the same muiscal lines as well. And as an added bonus all the music is FREE to download. My favorite is Men of Easy Company

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