Photoshoot With Cio!

November 16, 2009

A couple of months ago my lovely friend-of-a-friend Cio, who I had never actually met but I felt as if I had, was blogging about how she wanted to do more photoshoots. It just so happened that earlier that week I had been thinking about how I’d like some updated, quality pictures of myself to use for various things. It was perfect.

We met at my house, where she was privileged to be introduced to our pups Eddie and Cleo, and then headed out to my favorite local park. The following are some of my favorite pictures that came out of it:









Fantastic, right? Seriously, check out Cio’s photography website, and if you live in her area and need a photographer, I give my two thumbs up!

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Comments on Photoshoot With Cio!

  1. 1

    From Just Fine Just Dandy:

    My favorites are the one of you jumping and the one where you’re laughing. The rest of them are really great too!

  2. 2

    From Rae:

    Really cute. I also really like the one of you jumping. Great choice of sweater as well.

  3. 3

    From Girl w/the Red Hair:

    You look SO beautiful, I love it!!! I really want one of my photographer friends to take some pictures of me too!

  4. 4

    From Julienne:

    Pink is your colour!

  5. 5

    From Megan:

    The top one really is my favorite. You look like you’re glowing!

    I also really like the one of you sitting on the park bench, looking away from the camera. You didn’t post it here, but it is a great one.

  6. 6

    From Ashley:

    These are awesome pictures. I love the light in all of them. And you look beautiful!

  7. 7

    From Kyla Roma:

    They’re beautiful! I’m in DIRE need of new pictures for my blog and have no one like this to snap them for me, you’re very lucky!

  8. 8

    From Erin:

    These are beautiful shots!

  9. 9

    From steph anne:

    You’re beautiful!! I love the pictures especially how cheery you look! :)

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