A Plan Of Sorts

January 30, 2010

Last Monday I sat down on my couch, in my PJ’s, to watch The Bachelor with my computer on my lap. Ten miles away, my brother was at his desk at work, staying late just for me. Through the miracle of technology, I was able to view his screen on my screen as my new blog design took shape right before my very eyes. I was able to offer him my vague ideas and opinions, all while watching Jake make this the shortest season of Bachelor history.

Yes, the web design of my dreams is within reach, and all I have to do to get in a better mood now is look at the preview of what we have so far. The unfortunate side effect is that now I can hardly stand to look at my current design, but on the other hand I am full of ideas and plans for the future.

Because of this my blogging enthusiasm is running high, and in an effort to keep myself on some sort of posting schedule, I’ve come up with a plan. Whether or not I stick to it is a different matter, and of course it all depends on how I feel that day or if I’m working for 12 hours. But the point is to be a more regular presence here, which I hope I can achieve.

Monday, I will enthrall you with my weekend antics, unless I have been utterly boring that weekend and done nothing but work, and then I will enthrall you with some other sort of life tidbit.

Tuesday, I will attempt to answer Chelsea’s Ten on Tuesday questions, unless I don’t have any good answers.

Wednesday, I will write about whatever I want. You’re welcome.

Thursday, I will discuss things of a literary nature, since apart from blogging reading is my #1 hobby.

Friday, I will offer up my weekly letters, which I said were going to become a regular feature last week, yet I’ve already skipped a week of them.

Weekends, I will post if I have something burning inside of me that just can’t be held in any longer. Such as this.

Are you on the edge of your seat? I’m not, I’m lounging back in my husband’s armchair that I commandeered while he went to run an errand and now I don’t think I’ll ever give up. (It may be ugly, but it is comfortable.) But mentally, I’m totally excited, and I hope you are too.

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Comments on A Plan Of Sorts

  1. 1

    From Girl w/the Red Hair:

    Good plan to put yourself on a blogging schedule! It’ll probably really help with regular posting :)

  2. 2

    From Emily Jane:

    I’m looking forward to it! And YES, this is by far going to be the shortest Bachelor season ever. Especially now I can’t drag it out a little longer because in the Dominican last week, inexplicably, it was on and I couldn’t resist watching :)

  3. 3

    From Scott:

    I wonder if I could do something similar. My only concern is I never know when I’m going to finish a book, and that’s my main impetus to write a new post. I’m open to suggestions if you (or anyone) have any.

    Still, this is great. I’ll be happy to see you blogging more!

  4. 4

    From Stephany:

    I have a blogging schedule, too. It makes writing easier and I always have something to write about that way. I’m hoping we’ll see more regular updates from you because I love reading your blog! :)

  5. 5

    From Kyla Roma:

    AH! I love web design previews, they are the absolute best. But I know what you mean about the agony of having to wait- at least you know the good things that are to come =)

    And a blogging schedule is great- I pre-write all of my posts and it takes such a load off me. I love never having to worry about sitting down mid-week to get something on paper.

  6. 6

    From Erin:

    You are ambitious…and I love it! :)

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