Ashes To Ashes

February 17, 2010

I was rushing around today at work, busy as usual. Even though I’m not giving chemo right now, there’s still plenty to do. I was in the middle of admitting a patient when my manager came to the door to get me. I read her lips, and that’s how I discovered that one of my other patients had just died.

It was somewhat expected by this point, although the disease conquered her in just a few months. The family wanted an autopsy done, not because they didn’t know why she had died, but because she was the kind of person who would have wanted her death to mean something. They wanted as much knowledge to come out of it as possible.

I know that I come into contact with death more than the average girl, but each time is uniquely difficult. Today I felt the stark contrast of the new life that is taking shape in my body with the bleak scene in front of me. As I gently cleaned my patient’s body and wrapped it in the shroud, my hand reached idly to touch my forehead, where the trace of ashes still remained.

Remember that you came from dust, and to dust you will return.

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Comments on Ashes To Ashes

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    From dad:

    That’s such a great thought Kat. It really puts life little stresses in perspective. At the end of your day you’ll look back and wonder why you worried so much about such meaningless things. Faith, Family, Friends. Not much else to it. Love you Lots.

  2. 2

    From Emily Jane:

    What a thoughtful post, and I’m totally with you and what your dad said, too.

  3. 3

    From Krista:

    – Hugs –

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    From Ashley:

    I so admire you for dealing with this on a regular basis. Death got a little too close to my life this week and it totally sent me reeling. It’s such a hard thing to deal with and I don’t think I could face it daily.

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