we’re just a couple of geriatrics

August 18, 2010

With the amount of time David and I spend at the doctor these days, we feel like we’re 80 years old. We’re grateful that our medical issues are temporary and not nearly as serious as they could be, though. So without further delay, here’s a recap of our respective doctor’s appointments this morning. I apologize in advance for the boredom I may be inducing.

(Wow, now I really do feel old. Do I have nothing better to write about than this? Ah, well.)

Reproductive Endocrinologist

First up I went to follow up regarding my most recent cycle. As my doctor said, “the plot thickens” and I’m left a lot more to think about than when I went in.

Regarding what happened with my failed cycle, apparently my body didn’t respond to Clomid and I didn’t end up ovulating at all. My uterine lining didn’t even thicken. She was really surprised, but it happens. But before we can move on to the next cycle, we have to deal with something that was seen on my ultrasound which is possibly a uterine septum. I had never heard of this before, but it is a birth defect where there is a piece of tissue separating the uterus and puts you at a very high risk of miscarriage. It’s not diagnosed by an ultrasound but by an HSG, which is a test where they inject dye through my cervix and take an x-ray. I’ve already had an HSG, and nothing was mentioned about uterine septum on the report. So my doctor wants to take a look at the films herself, and if there is any suspicion at all she’ll have me repeat the procedure. If I do have uterine septum I’ll undergo minor surgery to have it fixed and that will be that.

In the meantime she put me on a medication called Glucophage which is normally an antidiabetic drug but will also help sensitize my body to Clomid. If I don’t have uterine septum, once I work up to the full dose of Glucophage I’ll take another med (prometrium) to induce my period and then start on the highest dose of Clomid they prescribe. Then we’ll go from there just like the last time.

Oh, and apparently one of my labs (prolactin) came back slightly elevated, which she thinks might be an error so she wants it repeated at the beginning of my next cycle. I have no idea what happens if it comes back abnormal again.

Wasn’t that fun to read about? Now, moving on to David’s situation (post hip replacement).

Orthopedic Surgeon

The good news is that David has been cleared to walk and drive! I know he’s happy to be mobile again, and I’m happy to have my errand boy back. ;) But for a month he’s had to put all his weight on his left leg, and the disease is in that hip as well. For the past week it’s been hurting him more and more, so we decided to go ahead and get that one replaced as soon as possible.

His surgery is scheduled for September 2. Two weeks away.

I can’t wait until it’s over with, and even though his doctor told us he’d most likely have a pretty rough recovery we both know that he needs to just do it because his pain is only going to get worse. He’s off work this whole time – unpaid – and he needs to get back and get 100%.

What we’re praying for is another successful surgery, easy recovery, and for financial provision. Our budget is already on lockdown because we weren’t prepared to be living off one salary, and I don’t know how long we can last without going into significant debt (we already have some). It’s another area that we’re learning to sacrifice and trust.


If you made it through this whole boring post, it probably means you actually care about what’s going on with us, and for that I am truly, deeply grateful! All of your comments, emails, texts, and phone calls have lifted me up and kept me going. Over the past few days I’ve found a lot of peace and comfort, and I am content with my life and whatever it has in store for me.

Every day is a new, grand adventure. :)

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  1. 1

    From Rae:

    Health problems just stink. That is all.

    I’m sorry that things seem so messed up with the RE. I hope that you get answers soon. And I am glad that you’re moving ahead with David’s second surgery now. That is what my bro-in-law did, and it turned out to be best for him.

  2. 2

    From Chelsea:

    We’ll keep praying for your future baby and the story God’s writing to get him/her here!

    I think you’re smart to go ahead with David’s surgery. He’s lucky to have such a good nurse around to help him!

  3. 3

    From Emily Jane:

    Never apologise for being “boring” – we care about what’s happening in real life, and I’m so glad you guys are going ahead with the surgery. Keeping you both in my prayers <3

  4. 4

    From Allison Blass:

    I’m on glucophage too! Well, I just call it Metformin. I never knew it was used for anything except diabetes. It’s not really an antidiabetic drug, btw, since it doesn’t cure or reverse it, it just stops the liver from producing as much natural sugar as usual. Sorry, I’ll stop, but when you get me on my diabetic soapbox, I just can’t help myself!

    Anyway, take care of yourself and hopefully this time next year we’ll have something very happy we’re celebrating.

  5. 5

    From kapachino:

    Haha, I know all that about glucophage (I have lots of patients who take it) but I was just trying to simplify it for my non-medical readers. :) I don’t know how it works with the Clomid, but I’ve heard of lots of people taking it for PCOS so I hope it helps me!

  6. 6

    From kapachino:

    I forgot to ask you, what’s your dosage? Did you have any side effects when you first went on it? She has me working up to 2000mg a day.

  7. 7

    From Allison Blass:

    I started at 500 mg, working my way up. I don’t see much BG difference between 1000 and 1500, so I stick with 1000 (one less pill to swallow!). I had “gastrointestinal issues” when I first started, and any time there’s a big gap in when I take it. It last for a few weeks, and then subsided. Sometimes I still have problems, but it’s much more infrequent. When I started, it was every day!

  8. 8

    From Marlena:

    Praying! And it’s actually kind of fascinating but I’m a slight nerd. :)

  9. 9

    From Christine:

    “Everyday is a new, grand adventure.” I just love your attitude towards this! It’s difficult but adventurous. ;)

    I’m pray for both of you! I hope things get better from here on!

  10. 10

    From Amber from Girl with the Red Hair:

    You have such a wonderful, positive attitude despite all of your hardships as of late. I love it.

    Been thinking of you and will continue to do so! XO

  11. 11

    From Nicole:

    Things will look up. For now, keep your positive attitude. You’ll get through this! :)

  12. 12

    From Kyla Roma:

    This isn’t boring at all, this is financial & health stuff, it’s is HUGE! I’ll keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers, I hope that everything goes smoothly & quickly for both of you <3

  13. 13

    From Lauren From Texas:

    It’s GOING to be okay! That’s what I keep telling myself too. One salary is SCARY & whenever I think about it my throat closes up with panic… but you know what? It’s going to work out & it’s for the greater good… for our future, which is the most important thing. Anything can be fixed, even a little debt. A little debt now is better if it means a better life later.

    And the baby? He/she is GOING to happen, friend. I have big hope for you. Love you.

  14. 14

    From Nora:

    THANK YOU for sharing all of this with us; I wish I lived closer so I could come by, hug you, hang out, bring some food and I don’t know, help with whatever else you needed help with. You and David are brave for all that you are going through. Thought and prayers with you both. Keep us posted. We are all here for you! xoxoxo

  15. 15

    From Elizabeth:

    You’re dealing with so much, and with so much grace. Good luck with the metformin–it worked really well for me while I was on it, I think. My doctor put me on it to reduce the risk of a miscarriage, so there’s that anyway.

  16. 16

    From Cio:

    praying for you daily, dear one.
    God provides, according to His will, and His timing
    (and not just financially either)
    I’m proud of you for being so strong through all of this.
    love you dearly.

  17. 17

    From Glam-O-Mommy:

    Hi…I came across your blog recently, and I just wanted to let you know I’m praying for you. I weathered my own battle with infertility, so I very much understand what you are going through and how painful and frustrating it can be. (If you want to read some about my infertility experience, go to my blog and click on ‘infertility’ in the tag cloud.) I was never put on glucophage (and don’t have PCOS, just didn’t ovulate), but after six months on Clomid, my RE added estrogen in addition to the Clomid, and that gave us one viable follicle on our IUI that turned into our miracle baby. It seems to be a somewhat inexact science, where they keep trying stuff till they figure out what works, so just wanted to share that with you…haven’t heard of too many folks taking estrogen and Clomid together, but it’s part of what ended up working for me. Happy to share any other information about my experience–if you are interested, send me an email or leave a comment on my blog. All the best to you and your husband!

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