Reverb10: Wisdom

December 12, 2010

What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out?

The wisest decision I made was kind of a group of decisions, but it all added up to me making changes and stepping back. As I’ve been over multiple times here, it was a rough year. A few months ago I became overwhelmed with responsibilities and stress, and as a result of everything we’d been through on top of everything weighing me down, I ended up quite depressed. This was no fun, and I knew some things needed to change.

I changed jobs. Working on an inpatient unit of the hospital was a big source of stress. Although I loved the unit and my coworkers, I was worn down on the hectic pace and irregular schedule. After much deliberation, I transferred to the outpatient infusion clinic. It’s still challenging, but in a different, calmer sort of way.

I said no. At the time, I was the main leader of our church’s youth group. I knew I needed to cut some things out, so I asked my husband and my brother-in-law if they would take a larger role in this, and they did. They’ve been amazing, and now I am finally at a point where I can start being more involved again. Also, as my husband healed from his surgeries he was able to help out around the house more and I basically just allowed him to take care of me for awhile. I decided that chores could wait, and I tried to spend more time resting and relaxing.

I saw a nutritionist. Depression really affected me physically, and I was struggling with what to eat because my stomach seemed to hurt all the time. I had also recently stopped eating meat, so I knew I needed some advice. She was a huge help and after following some of her suggestions I immediately felt better. I believe I’m now also a healthier person overall.

I saw a therapist. I wasn’t afraid of asking for help, and seeing a counselor for a short period of time enabled me to break through some barriers and learn better coping skills. It was a stress reliever just to pour everything out to someone who understood, as well. It was good for my soul.

After a couple of months, I began to feel like myself again. It happened slowly, but I got there. I know these things are cyclical and I understand that I might very well encounter depression again at some point in my life. But at least then, I’ll know how to handle it.

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Comments on Reverb10: Wisdom

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    From Nora:

    I love that all of those things have helped you to get through the rough patch. Sometimes equipping ourselves for future rough patches is all that we can do!

    Sending hugs from afar! <3.

  2. 2

    From Megan:

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better after stepping back from a few things and getting help where needed. :D

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    From Mindy:

    These are wise decisions…being proactive is the best thing you can do! I think it’s all too easy to keep doing the same things over and over, and wonder why life bites, you know? You have been through a lot and seeing you grow through it is awesome. Thanks for the encouragement, I need to do a bit of this for the new year as well. I think we all do, to some degree. :)

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