Reverb10: Wonder, Let Go, Make

December 6, 2010

How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?

All it takes for me to feel a sense of wonder is to go outside. I think the world is beautiful and amazing and awe-inspiring.

What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?

This year I let go of my first baby. It was only a few weeks old but it was loved and wanted and grieved for.

What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?

I joined a club with my mom and some of her friends, and we meet once a month to make different kinds of cards. The last thing I made was a Christmas card using mostly paper. I’m very happy that I have found a way to incorporate this craft into my life.

The thing I most want to make right now is my house into a home. We have been here two years and we only have a few furnished rooms. There is a lot of work to be done on an extremely tight budget, but I want to focus on it next year so that I will feel happier when I walk inside.

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Comments on Reverb10: Wonder, Let Go, Make

  1. 1

    From San:

    I agree with you – the world, especially nature, provides wonder every day.

    I am so sorry about your miscarriage.

  2. 2

    From Lauren:

    I know I never go into the back part of your house, but I want you to know that when I come to your house I always marvel at how wonderful and homey it is. I love your furniture, and your wall color, and the things that used to be stained wood that you’ve painted white, and the plates that you hung up on the wall in the breakfast room, and the homemade art, and the whiteboard calendar, and the painted fireplace, and the beautiful floors, and the way you put that desk between your bookshelves. Anyways. Yeah.

  3. 3

    From Nora:

    I love that you are in a club where you make things every month. I motion for a picture of the card that you made =)

  4. 4

    From Kim:

    First, I’m sorry to hear about your baby. That is a long process of letting go.

    I hate to admit it, but my husband and I have been married five years and still don’t have a sofa. We’re in our late thirties, too. We just have other things to buy! And we never watch TV, so we sit… elsewhere. (I’m laughing, but I know it sounds so weird.) Furniture is expensive, too, and I want to get just the right one. I don’t want to be over it in a couple of years. Good luck with your furnishing mission! And I hope you keep going with the prompts, too.

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