twenty-two weeks

March 17, 2011

22 weeks

I got dressed up! For a wedding! Even wore heels!

Symptoms: Thankfully my headaches have gone away, my appetite is normalizing, and for the most part I’m feeling great. However, after every meal I get extremely uncomfortable. Sometimes it’s because I ate too much and my abdomen feels like it will explode, but mostly it’s an aching upper back. I’m not sure what’s up with that. The newest thing is that every morning when I wake up my hands are asleep. I try so hard to sleep on my side, but I always end up on my back. Apparently pregnant women can develop carpal tunnel syndrome. Recently my hands have also started to tingle when I’m sitting on the bus for awhile. I hope and pray it doesn’t get worse because I NEED my hands to do my job.

Medical stuff: This past month I only gained two pounds after gaining eight the month before that. Women’s bodies are weird and erratic I guess, but I was happy that I didn’t keep gaining at that rapid rate. Everything is pretty much normal right now, including the baby’s anatomy scan which was a relief!

Movement: Oh, I don’t know. Sometimes I feel this rolling sensation, and I guess it’s probably baby moving around, but I can’t be sure. My placenta is on the front of my uterus, cushioning the baby’s kicks from my belly, so they said it would take longer for me to feel.

Clothes: I haven’t bought anything new yet, but there is one pair of scrubs that doesn’t fit right anymore so I’ve retired them. When I’m not wearing scrubs I like to put on outfits that actually make me look pregnant and not just bloated.

Preparation: We’ve been pricing and even begun touring daycares, since as it turns out my mom won’t be able to retire yet after all. I started reading The Birth Book by Dr. Sears. I posted ads for Oliver on several websites (although no responses yet). I went to a La Leche League meeting and plan to go monthly if I can. We started working on our budget. Two short vacations are scheduled and planned. I spoke to my manager about the maternity leave policy and acquired the necessary paperwork. I’ve done more than I realized!

Also: We chose a name! Stay tuned to find out what it is. :)

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Comments on twenty-two weeks

  1. 1

    From Cio:

    your outfit is just darling!
    (plan on wearing these like this in June ;))

    So happy that things are going smoothly.
    Praying for you and baby.

    love ya!

  2. 2

    From Suburban Sweetheart:

    You look adorable – and that dress is great! Can’t wait to learn the name. :)

  3. 3

    From Marlena:

    Beautiful! Such a pretty dress, I love it.

  4. 4

    From Sara R:

    Love your blog you BEAUTIFUL mama-to-be :) Hope you keep feeling better!

  5. 5

    From kapachino:

    Sara! I miss you!

  6. 6

    From Becky:

    You look gorgeous in those pictures! Can’t wait to hear the name!

  7. 7

    From Maria:

    Pregnancy becomes you! So excited for you. I’ve read your blog for a long time.

  8. 8

    From kapachino:

    Thanks for commenting, and nice to meet you! :)

  9. 9

    From Deidre:

    That dress is adorable and you look fabulous!

  10. 10

    From Stephany:

    I’m excited to hear the name!! :) You look gorgeous! It sounds like everything is moving along at the right pace. Yay!

  11. 11

    From Megan:


    I teared up at these pictures. You are ridiculously beautiful. As per… always.

    (I’ll respond to your email soon).

  12. 12

    From Tabaitha:

    Yay, I can’t wait to hear that name. You look great and the rolling feeling is most definitely the baby moving. Glad you are feeling better.

  13. 13

    From Christine:

    Ah – you are so cute in that dress. I love it!

    I’m glad things are going a bit better! :)

  14. 14

    From Emily Jane:

    SO excited to hear the name, and you look absolutely amazing in that dress :)

  15. 15

    From Nora:

    Oh my goodness! You look positively adorable :) Love the dress, how happy you are and that everything is going well/smoothly. Can’t wait to hear about the name…!!!

  16. 16

    From Ali P:

    Thanks for visiting my blog! You left the nicest comment, and yes I too definitely have had a hard time bonding with this baby and getting excited about it, but I’m trying. That was one reason I decided to finally blog about it! Thank you for saying that though cuz it made me feel no so bad about it. I felt like what is wrong with me that I’m not excited for my baby! Anyway you know what I mean! Thanks again and your blog is adorable!

  17. 17

    From Stef:

    You look great! So glad everything is going smoothly!

  18. 18

    From LfT:

    You are so pretty. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to see you with a baby bump. Like, on the verge of tears happy.

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