Diaper Bag: Newborn Edition

August 22, 2011

I’ve seen a lot of “what’s in my diaper bag” posts lately, which I love, but most of them are for older babies or toddlers and I still have a (basically) newborn. So here’s what’s in my diaper bag for a little bitty baby, and I’ll do another post of this sort later on when she’s grown some and our supplies have changed.

Here’s our diaper bag, the Skip Hop Duo. So far I think it’s great. I chose basic black so it would go with anything and David wouldn’t feel weird carrying it. I still dream of super cute diaper bags but they are also super expensive. This one has all the function we need, with plenty of inside and outside pockets, a changing pad, two built-in zip up wet compartments, and a cell phone compartment.

Here’s what it looks like from above, full of our stuff.

This is what’s in the outside pockets, which is mostly my stuff. From left to right: my Sony Reader (I zip this in one of the top wet compartments), pacifier that never gets used, wallet, sunglasses, keys (yes I carry Mace) and Aquaphor – the best chapstick ever.

These are the supplies that are in the inside pockets. We have travel wipes, a wet bag, baby sunscreen, diaper rash cream, and hand sanitizer.

Finally, the bulky stuff in the main compartment. From left to right: ring sling (we don’t have an infant car seat that can be removed so I bring a carrier with me just in case), nursing cover, blanket, burp cloth, change of clothes, and several disposable diapers (she’s still too small for the cloth ones we have).

That’s it! I keep all of this stuff in there at all times, and just restock when necessary. For now I’ve quit carrying a purse, but that will change when I go back to work.

For you moms out there, what are your necessary travel supplies? What diaper bag do you use and what do you think of it?

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  1. 1

    From Elizabeth:

    We have the same wetbag!

    As Hannah’s gotten older, the supplies have veered more toward toys (well, a silicone spoon that she loves for some reason) and other entertainment. I refuse to change her in public bathrooms because I’m weird like that, so we usually have a diaper stash in the car, so I don’t worry about stuffing/packing those too much anymore.

    I don’t really have a full blown diaper bag–the two I bought are a bit on the wee side, but they make for cute purses, so I can’t complain.

  2. 2

    From kapachino:

    I think I’ll get to that point eventually but for now this bag is really helpful and convenient!

  3. 3

    From rachieannie:

    I keep pretty much the same stuff in mine! Honestly can’t really think of anything different!!

    On a different note … do you like your sling? Did you make it or buy it? Drew isn’t too happy with his Moby anymore, so I was wondering about switching to a sling.

  4. 4

    From kapachino:

    The sling I have was given to me by a friend. I like it for short periods of time but I haven’t mastered it yet to the point where it doesn’t hurt my back. I wanted a Hava ring sling, heard it’s better, but this one was free so I took it! I still like the Moby better because to me it’s much more comfortable to have support on both shoulders. But lots of people tell me that ring slings shouldn’t hurt and that it’s probably just the way I have it on. I’m not an expert yet!

  5. 5

    From ellen:

    Hey, I am trying to decide between this bag and a JJ Cole bag. I want room enough so that when we fly in a few months I can fit toddler crap, newborn stuff and a book, etc. What do you think? Is it really roomie without being really heavy?

  6. 6

    From kapachino:

    This diaper bag is really popular and I haven’t heard of one bad thing about it! Most people I know use it for toddler stuff. I think there is definitely room for everything with you but it might be full. The strap is really comfortable though, I sling it over my shoulder like a messenger bag so it never feels too heavy. I’m not sure that I would want a bag MUCH bigger than this because then it would just be bulky!

  7. 7

    From Megan:

    I like the diaper bag you have more than the other two you linked. The point about David being able to carry it without feeling weird seems rather important, I would think.

    Also, the day I spend $175 on a bag to store my baby’s drool clothes and butt paste is the day I want you to shoot that mace directly up my nostrils until my eyes bleed.

  8. 8

    From kapachino:

    Haha I’m with you. I couldn’t justify spending that much money, but it does become like a purse & when you use it so much you start to think about it differently.

  9. 9

    From Johanna @ These Prices:

    We have a skip hop bag too, and I like it.

    At 9 months old, I carry in it:
    2 cloth diapers + 2 disposables
    wet bag
    ring sling
    Sophie the giraffe
    extra outfit
    2 board books
    formula packets
    1-2 bottles with water (or 1 bottle & 1 sippy cup)
    pacifier (it has a “pacifier pocket, which I love)
    my clutch/wallet
    my glasses case
    cell phone
    lip balm

  10. 10

    From Tabaitha:

    My first diaper bag, was very spacious, but that turned out to be a negative later on, because everything was in there and it became heavy. The straps didn’t help. Adam’s grandmother just got me a Vera Bradley tote that works perfectly and I love the straps. I had thrown my old bag away after I potty trained Taylor because it had wholes and wasn’t working that well for me anymore. I always keep a change of clothes or two, especially with infants because they can have a blowout or spit up. Also Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, sanitizer, pacis, burp cloths, a receiving blanket, my nursing cover, breast pads for me, diapers, and wipes. I’ve learned that as they get a little older, you won’t need as much stuff. I’ve had too many instances where I wish I had something on me and didn’t.

  11. 11

    From jessica STRUBLE v.:

    vera bradley has some nice ones for not too much money and they hold a lot. i had at least one or two for both boys

  12. 12

    From Misti:

    The best diaper bag I ever had was a backpack diaper bag! I so wish I had kept it for Lexi but I gave it away when we thought we were finished having kiddos. I’m all about functionality but I will pay a little more for fashion too, after all I am the one carrying it :0). Also, Bryan never balked about carrying Lexi’s zebra with hot pink trim diaper bag… no one was ever looking at HIM anyway!

  13. 13

    From Nora:

    Love your diaper bag and all that you take with you! I love reading about what people with newborns and babies carry around in case I ever get there myself. Thanks for sharing! <3

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