Holiday Comforts

December 7, 2011

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When I think about the holidays, what comes to mind is winter. I don’t know why, considering this is Houston and half the time we can wear t-shirts on Christmas Day, but regardless, sometime around the holidays we usually get a few weeks of coldness. And since I prefer my t-shirt weather, when I think of comfort I think of WARM. So this is what I do to make it through the “winter” holidays:

>Put the quilt on the bed. Most of the year we sleep with a sheet and a light blanket, but it’s always kind of fun to break out our beautiful handmade quilt (a wedding gift from David’s boss) and snuggle up. And speaking of beds, I have no problem with this post being sponsored by Tempur-Pedic because we have one of their mattresses and pillows, and I am telling you it is my favorite thing we own and worth every penny.

>Don my fuzzy socks. I have so many pairs of these, yet I seem to always need more. When I take off my work shoes and put them on in the evening my body instantly relaxes.

>Turn on the fire. We have a gas fireplace which makes it SO easy to get a nice warm fire going. It really does heat up the entire house, much to my husband’s chagrin. (We may have different opinions on how warm is too warm.)

>Make hot drinks. Hot chocolate is the easiest and a classic favorite, but this year I really want to learn to make my own apple cider. Mmm.

What comes to mind when you think of holiday comfort?


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