Good Things: December

January 4, 2012

Oops, meant to post this the other day! I still don’t have my blogging act together, but I’m working on it!

1 – Meredith not being fussy at daycare & an easy night with her

2 – David being really helpful and encouraging when I was having such a bad day

3 – Breaking Dawn with Lauren

4 – My friend Carmen’s mad hatter wedding shower in Austin

5 – A very smooth morning at work

6 – My nephew Cameron pointing me out by name

7 – Quality time with David

8 – Staying home with Meredith, doing ALL the laundry, making her smile and almost laugh even though she’s sick

9 – A patient requesting me to be her nurse

10 – Putting up the Christmas tree and other decorations

11 – Meredith putting first ornament on the tree, Lucas hugging her over and over, Messiah singalong with Mom

12 – Figuring out how to give Meredith her medicine

13 – Treating myself to Starbucks on the way home & the drive through girls singing; making Meredith laugh

14 – Getting off work early for jury duty and not being needed

15 – Family Christmas party at assisted living with grandparents

16 – Finally getting a big refund from our wedding photographer and using it to order Christmas gifts

17 – Katelin’s wedding (a girl from my old church that we watched grow up)

18 – Sitting on the couch alone with David for 20 minutes at the end of the day

19 – David winning $612 in the lottery

20 – Successfully getting Meredith to sleep early again

21 – Playing with my nephew Lucas

22 – Pizza at my in-law’s house

23 – Extra affection from David

24 – Shopping with Dad, dressing up Meredith, Christmas Eve dinner with family, wrapping gifts with David and opening the necklace he got me

25 – Christmas!

26 – Megan’s visit (one of my best friends who lives out of town now)

27 – Having an hour to sit on the couch and relax with hot chocolate before bed

28 – Seeing old church friends

29 – David’s recording of “All aboard the Mermaid Express!” (a new little game we play with her)

30 – Meredith only falling asleep when I lay down next to her (a bit annoying but also sooo sweet)

31 – Deciding last minute to travel to Dallas for Carmen’s NYE party that we’ve been to every year we’ve been a couple

Happy January!

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    From Ruth:

    Won money in the lottery! No way!

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