New Computer!

March 18, 2012

Today I said goodbye to my faithful old computer, seen above. It’s lasted me six years and is still chugging along. It got me through nursing school and made it through at least one crashed hard drive. But as you can see, it’s seen better days. That huge black gash in the screen is actually a bend that has gotten bigger over time, and I have been dealing with it for a year.

I have been saving up for over a year for a new computer, and now I’m writing you from my brand new MacBook Pro. It’s wonderful to be able to see everything on the screen. Who knew? I’m really proud because this is delayed gratification at its finest. I could have bought this computer on credit long ago, but I was determined to pay in cash and I did it. I can enjoy my purchase without guilt because I know we can afford it. Yay!

I’ve also started the process of a blog redesign. My brother is a web designer, and he recently quit his job to go freelance, so he actually has time to do this for me now. Although, I still have no idea how long it will take him.

In non-techie news, I was feeling kind of down today and I didn’t know why. So I made a list of all the things I wasn’t content with in my life. They aren’t major, but there’s a lot of little things that I want to work on. I’ll probably be talking about them more soon. Thankfully the list doesn’t include my marriage, family, friends, or church. And one thing I’ve already taken action on – I pumped up the tires of the jogging stroller AND my bike, so exercise begins this week!

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Comments on New Computer!

  1. 1

    From Scott:

    Wait, no pictures of the new computer?

  2. 2

    From Mom:

    What Scott said. Congratulations on your delayed gratification success story! I’m proud of you!

  3. 3

    From Lauren:

    If you want to bring your new computer to brunch so I can play with it that would be okay. ;) Mostly just kidding though!

    In this post you mentioned some things that are going well, but I find that writing those things down when I’m feeling down is helpful. Like I had a stressful weekend a few weeks back, so I wrote down 12 good things that had happened that weekend. It really helps me!

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