the secret of life is a good cup of coffee

March 11, 2012

It’s Sunday morning, which means I’ve had a giant cup of coffee, and I am feeling fantastic. Right now I am filled with happiness and excitement over the following things:

  • My new haircut, seen in the above picture. It’s not much different, but I added some long sideswept bangs.
  • Going to church
  • Spending the afternoon crafting and getting caught up on Project Life
  • Birthday dinner this evening for my brother-in-law
  • Buying a new computer(!) this week that I’ve been saving for for over a year
  • Love for my family

Gotta go to church! Adios!

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Comments on the secret of life is a good cup of coffee

  1. 1

    From Suburban Sweetheart:

    I wish SO BADLY that I liked coffee…

  2. 2

    From kapachino:

    I used to hate it! Started drinking out of desperation when I became a nurse & had to wake up before 5 a.m. I was falling asleep driving! I love it now, but I still need cream & sugar.

  3. 3

    From San:

    There is nothing better than a fresh cup of coffee… (and I used to hate it too until i was 25! :))

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