=]]] <--meredith typed that.

April 25, 2012

1. This post is going to be random so I figured the title could be too. I’m sitting on the floor with Meredith playing around me, and she put her hands on the keyboard and that weird smiley came up. I’m rolling with it.

2. I’m home sick today. It’s weird though. The past two nights I’ve had fever, and it makes me feel terrible – aches, chills, lethargy, etc. But it’s gone by morning so I go to work. Well last night it was worse so I figured I’d get checked out. The only other symptoms I can possibly think of is the mild congestion I’ve had for a month, and an intermittent headache that’s more like pressure. I’m thinking maybe sinus infection? Anyway it’s weird to be home right now because I feel okay, but I’m seeing the doctor this afternoon and who knows if my fever will come back.

3. Meredith is teething, I’m almost positive. She’s drooling 1000% more than usual and keeps sticking out her tongue. So far she’s still sleeping fine and in a good mood most of the time though.

4. Shout out to The Hairbow Co. for this adorable outfit:

5. I’ve been slacking on taking photos lately. My Project Life has had to include a lot more filler than usual. Need to get back on top of that.

6. Back to this fever business: I almost feel like I want it to come back today so that a visit to the doctor is actually warranted. I know it would be better if it didn’t come back, but I don’t want to go and him be like what are you doing here, you’re fine. But I mean, I rarely get a fever, and I had it for two days in a row, and I work with immunosuppressed cancer patients, so I’m doing the right thing, right? Even though I feel fine right now?

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    From Cait:

    I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling sick. I think it’s good to go anyway, just in case. Even if you don’t have a fever when you arrive at the doctor’s appointment, you can explain what’s happening and maybe they can tell you what’s wrong anyway. Feel better!

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