Egg Hunt and Other Easter Things

April 9, 2012

Am I supposed to be looking for something?

Because I’ve got this leaf here so really I’m all set.

Although…these things are bright and shiny. I could get behind that.

But what am I supposed to DO with them, Lucca?

Ohh…there’s something inside. Well whatever Cameron has, I obviously want it. You can tell by my grabby little hand, look of intense focus, and tongue that is about to come out of my mouth.


It was a fun Easter weekend. Busy, because David had extended family in town – aunt and uncle, cousins, and their little boy Lucca – so we had a lot of gatherings planned. Plus I had to spend some time with my own family too, in addition to doing some baking and the regular weekend chores. But I love our families, the chores got done, and the baked goods were yummy. And Meredith was obviously adorable. So it was good.

It was also strange, because we still don’t have a “home church.” We decided to go to church with my parents, and it was kind of surreal to be a visitor on Easter Sunday at such a big place. I felt like one of the masses after so many years of being intimately connected to a group that was like a second family.

Another thing is that on Saturday David’s grandpa fractured his hip. He was playing mini golf with the great-grandchildren and fell off one of the little bridges and hit hard. It wasn’t bad, and the surgery only took fifteen minutes and three pins, and he’s in otherwise good health, but he’s 87 years old and has dementia so the recovery might be tough. Right now he’s in the hospital and not complying very well. So prayers for that are appreciated – especially for his wife and David’s mom who are his primary caretakers.

Anyway, it’s back to the grind now, but it seems a much easier grind now that I have my daily coffee back. :)

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