Happy Friday

April 6, 2012

Today is Good Friday, and I am very happy! Here are some things:

1. I’m off work. Always a good time!

2. Only two more days until I can drink coffee/eat chocolate as I please again.

3. Yesterday David voluntarily suggested that we should think of something special to do as a family today since we’re all home. Even though I’m drawing a blank on what that should be, it’s still really sweet.

4. He also wrote me a two page love note that I got to read when I woke up.

5. Then there’s this:

6. She crawls now! Witness:

7. I had to restrain myself just now from posting at least two more videos.

8. I’m currently sitting in the rocking chair in the nursery watching Meredith pull out all her toys and stuffed animals all over the place, and learning exactly what needs to be baby proofed in this room.

9. Also just finished week 2 of Ease into 5k. I feel great, and Meredith is getting more used to the jogging stroller.

10. It’s about time for lunch. My stomach says so.

11. Which makes me remember that I’m responsible for dessert for Easter dinner. I’m thinking one chocolate thing (duh) and one not. Hmmm.

12.  David has some extended family in town for the weekend so we are booked up with gatherings. They all involve food, so this is good.

13. Easter is coming! Meredith is going to find all of the eggs with chocolate inside.

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Comments on Happy Friday

  1. 1

    From Elizabeth:

    I love the early stages of crawling! I know you’ve heard this at least ten thousand times, but I still can’t get over all that hair!

  2. 2

    From Cait:

    Maybe you can do a fruit trifle for the other dessert – that way it’s semi-healthy! And Meredith is adorable, as always.

  3. 3

    From Amanda:

    She’s so adorable!!

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