May 4, 2012

Her first solo swinging experience produced mixed emotions of terror and exhilaration.


Time // 3:51 p.m.
Place // at work, about to leave for the day.
Eating // nothing.
Drinking // nothing.
Watching // infusions.
Reading // In Zanesville by Jo Ann Beard.
Wanting // some ferns for my living room.
Thinking // about how I can read 30 pages a day simply in the time between parking my car and getting to my unit at work.
Creating // a simple sweet cross stitch project.
Hoping // to have some down time this weekend.
Needing // to get connected at a church we both love.
Anticipating //the arrival of orders of washi tape and essential oils I recently placed.


Last week when we were all sick I was really thrown out of my working-mom groove. The whole week I didn’t exercise or cook, and I spent all weekend trying to get things back into order. This week we are all healthy again, but one thing after another has prevented me from really hitting my routine. I’ve only run once and cooked once, and it’s so hard to get the momentum going again.

I’ve also been terrible at taking pictures, which makes keeping a weekly scrapbook kind of difficult. I still really want to keep up though, so I don’t care if I have a couple bad weeks. And once I get caught up again (I hope very soon) I’ll share my progress.

This weekend I have plans to continue working on refinishing a table with my dad, but other than that – nothing! I am really hoping to have some down time at home because I want to get some things cleaned, go for a run or two, and work on my own projects. In between lots of Mermaid cuddles, of course. :)

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    From rachieannie:

    Love her face in that picture! Drew hasn’t had his first swinging experience yet – should be interesting :-)

    Hope you get back in the groove of things quickly. It’s so hard to be all off.

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