project life 2012 : weeks 12 – 13

May 9, 2012

I’m not completely caught up – still haven’t really started last week, although I do have the pictures printed – but I did power through the previous two weeks so here they are, before I get too far behind in sharing!

Week 12:

Week twelve had a brighter color scheme than is my norm. I like it though. I do try to keep each spread somewhat unified in terms of colors and feel, although it doesn’t always turn out that way. Here I was going for deep pink, orange, yellow, and blue.

The weekly quotes are kind of getting hard to find! I like them to be on the subject of love, life, and home mostly, because that’s what my life revolves around. Plus, they have to be kind of short.

At the beginning of the week we went out to eat for my brother’s birthday at this wine bar called Plonk. I grabbed one of their business cards and took a picture of him with Meredith in front of the sign. Its colors were kind of my jumping off point.

I had two horizontal spaces to fill and only small vertical pictures, but since they were both of Meredith sleeping it worked out to create one long spread. I’ll keep this idea in mind for later because it worked out well!

Of course the monthly Meredith update had to go in. I think once she turns one I’ll drop this. The “craft on” sticker came on the package of the minibook (also pictured) that I ordered from Elise.

I threw this little card together with some leftover supplies from our craft club.

Week 13:

Week thirteen I seriously did not take enough pictures and I had to scramble to fill the space. Need to get back on top of this!

I went to see The Hunger Games with my dad and we asked an employee to take a picture of us. Then Meredith and I got sick for the next few days, so I did a little summary of that and included a business card from the new doctor I went to. I also decided to take a random photo of my dog Cleo in the backyard. The dogs are a big part of our lives too, but they get overshadowed by the baby!

I snapped a picture of Meredith at the doctor, and that “M” is again from the Madewell  catalogue. Oh! The label there on the picture of the backyard is a new punch from Stampin’ Up. I love it.

I had some personal thoughts to add this week so again I journaled on the inside of a piece of patterned paper and clipped it in.

Then I decided to add this little section about crafting because I’ve been doing a lot more of it lately. If I had taken more pictures this section probably would’ve gotten left out, but I’m glad it’s there because it’s a good reflection of the details of my life lately.

On to the next!

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  1. 1

    From Cio:

    Kat! I love this project!! :D

  2. 2

    From Ruth Ann:

    I love reading your blog and your project life posts are making me want to start one of my own! Can’t wait to read your book review of the Laura Schlessinger book. I was considering reading it, but wanted to see what you had to say about it first.

  3. 3

    From Nora:

    Totally admire you for sticking with this. I really love the idea of it. Now if only I actually did it…! =)

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