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May 25, 2012

What, you don’t write your lists on hospital order sheets?

Since last weekend we were all deathly ill (we were not actually near death; I am exaggerating in order to obtain your pity) a lot of things have gone undone and untended to around the house. This long holiday weekend comes at a perfect time for some catching up. For example, I would like to be able to walk through the house without wading through dog hair, have actual food in the kitchen other than crackers and applesauce, and a microwave to reheat it in. Having to use the oven and stove when you’re not even really cooking is the worst.

Catching up on crafts would be fantastic. We haven’t been to church in several weeks and the guilt is starting to build up so we’d better get back there. (I do not actually feel guilty because things happen and God does not love me any less. I do miss church though, and we’ve been meaning to visit the place David’s brother & family are going.)

We have a couple social things planned, and of course being able to read and relax would be amazing. I just started Nicholas and Alexandra by Robert K. Massie, a 600-page history of the role of the last family of the Romanov dynasty in the fall of Imperial Russia (little known fact: I traveled to Russia with a friend when I was 23 because we were/are both obsessed with the history/culture/literature and therefore this book excites me greatly have I lost you yet?), so if I’m going to finish in time for book club in late June I need to read every spare chance I can get.

But mainly, I want to get caught up on chores. Because I go a little bit crazy when they’re not done.

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    From Holly:

    I go crazy when chores aren’t done too. I can’t relax until everything on my list is checked off – it drives my husband nuts :) Hope you have a great weekend!

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