Good Things: May 2012

June 2, 2012

At the end of each day I write down at least one GOOD thing that happened, then I share them all here monthly.


1 – Meredith gave us kisses for the first time

2 – Going to bed super early

3 – Pizza at David’s parents’ house

4 – Dinner with Mom & Dad

5 – Perfect productive morning; yummy dinner at Steak ‘N’ Shake with David’s parents

6 – Evening at home with David doing a puzzle

7 – Ice cream social at work; my dog Cleo licking my feet after I went running

8 – Meredith went to sleep super early and my mom came over to hang out just the two of us

9 – My essential oils coming in the mail

10 – The picture M. “made” for me for Mother’s Day

11 – Holding my friend Sara’s newborn baby Dash!

12 – Buying some new clothes; dinner out as our little family of 3

13 – Getting completely spoiled for Mother’s Day!

14 – Completing a tough run

15 – Creating the windshield wiper game!

16 – Meredith “cruised” for the first time – took a few steps pushing a kitchen chair

17 – Visiting Gigi and Pappy; serious baby cuddles before bed

18 – Watching M. “walk” across two rooms

19 – Craft club

20 – Nap with Meredith and playing on the bed after

21 – Watching 12 episodes of Gilmore Girls while home sick

22 – Playing on the bed with M. and how she went to bed early on her own

23 – Delicious brownie at lunch

24 – Meredith sat still on my lap and let me read to her and even touched the “feel” parts that she was supposed to

25 – Reading on the couch with David in the evening

26 – Getting all the chores done; seeing old friends at an engagement party

27 – Holding and hugging Meredith a LOT

28 – Lunch with David at Le Peep

29 – Both of us making M. laugh by quickly putting our faces in her face

30 – Being able to stay positive despite having to work through lunch

31 – Amazing family night at home with David, just playing with Meredith and chatting

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    From Cait:

    Sounds like a great month! And Meredith is simply the cutest – congrats on “walking”! :)

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