project life 2012 : weeks 18 – 19

June 12, 2012

I’m totally caught up, so exciting! I had lots of fun the past two weeks with some new supplies. I love that I feel justified buying things since I know I will actually use them. Choosing what I want is half the fun, too.

Week 18:

As I was putting this week together I thought of it as more of a neutral color scheme, but looking at it here I see that it still has some vibrancy to it. I like that.

We’ve been going to yet another new church for a few weeks now, so I included one of their cards (bottom left). The photo on the bottom right illustrates how Meredith has discovered cabinets and my life is changed forever.

I got a book in the mail from Bookmooch and it was from Hong Kong so I saved the stamps. I ordered it a couple months ago so it was a fun surprise to receive. :)

Love the stamps I ordered from Elise, like the TODAY IS. In that pocket I wrote a little about a rough day I had.

The “I make stuff” card was included in my stamp order, and the little cow button came in the package with my book from Hong Kong. I thought it was so cute!

Another one of my new stamps in action here (although I need to purchase a new stamp pad) and a little about my reading habits these days.

Week 19:

I wanted this week to be a lot brighter than the last. Especially since it was kind of a hard one, so it needed some perking up!

The picture in the top right here turned out pretty blurry but it’s the first one we got of our entire family (including my husband, Meredith, and my brother’s wife) in a long time. It was taken at my brother’s wife’s niece’s birthday party (did you follow that?)

This past week I used my essential oils like never before. I am really starting to get the hang of them and seeing great results.

One day David decided to get crafty with my supplies and I came home to this note. One of his nicknames for me is “Dayleen” – you know, like Brangelina? Yeah, we’re super cool.

In the bottom right pocket you can also see the picture I took of David’s grandparents, who celebrated their 65th anniversary. They’re so cute. The background didn’t go very well here so I cut them out and framed them.

Nothing groundbreaking here, but the top left pocket is kind of fun. We went to Chuck E. Cheese one night and they have this little booth that’s only a token and it takes a “picture” of you and it comes out kind of like a drawing. I stapled a ticket to it and cropped it to fit.

The top right photo is my mom holding Meredith petting a neighbor’s kitty when we went to hang with my parents one night.

I just liked this paper (it’s Amy Tangerine) and added another of Elise’s stamps to it.

The side ponytail is my new go-to hairstyle for Meredith. It naturally goes to the side anyway, and I think it bothers her less – plus it’s super cute. :) The right pocket here is some additional journaling about the weirdness of the week. My favorite technique for adding more personal journaling is folding a piece of pretty paper in half and paper clipping it in.

I’m still loving this project! Anyone else out decide to take it on?

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Comments on project life 2012 : weeks 18 – 19

  1. 1

    From rachieannie:

    Super cute pages!! I love how you can put all the little things that you like and want to keep, but aren’t sure what to really do with them (like the cow button!), in the book and look back and see them. What a great idea!

    And random question – but you said the essential oils help with digestive issues? Drew has been dealing with some serious constipation this week … is there an essential oil that would help him with that??

  2. 2

    From Johanna @ These Prices:

    Have you blogged about essential oils? I’d love to learn more about them.

  3. 3

    From kapachino:

    Not yet, because I’m still kind of figuring them out and am certainly no expert! But a few people have asked, so I’ll probably put something together soon. I know it helps just to hear about other people’s experiences. Then I can give an update as I learn more. :)

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