Saturday Road Trip

June 26, 2012

On Saturday our little family took a road trip. One of my best friends, Carmen, and her husband Steve are moving from Austin, which is about three hours away from us, to Vermont, and we wanted to be there for her going away party. We decided to drive there and back in one day – it’s easier than packing for an overnight stay. I documented the trip on Instagram (@kapachino) with the hashtag #roadtripday, and here’s how it went:

6 am – Meredith wakes me up and we have breakfast, then I shower and get dressed.

7 am – I start working on chores like laundry, dishes, floors, and a general tidy-up because I don’t want to come home to a dirty house.

8 am – Meredith nurses and takes a nap in my lap.

9 am – David wakes up and gets ready while I continue working. Meredith gets some morning walking practice in.

10 am – David gets us kolaches. Yum. This is my second breakfast, if you’re keeping track.

11 am – David takes Meredith for a drive so I can really get some things done. I clean the car, sweep the floors, and pack our bags for the day.

12:15 pm – We are in the car, but first stop for cheap drinks. Dr Pepper for him, iced mocha for me. Meredith is already asleep.

I spend most of the drive working on cross stitch and reading magazines. Finished this, which is the first of three. Eventually it’ll be “home sweet home,” framed and hung.

1:45 pm – We stop for a bathroom break and Meredith is awake. I take her out to give her a break from the car seat and she’s happy with her sippy cup and a snack.

2:15 pm – Back on the road and M. is fussing quite a lot now, so I climb in back with her and keep her occupied with snacks.

3:30 pm – We made it! I realize I forgot to pack swim diapers so David goes out to get some. Meredith takes to Carmen right away (they haven’t seen each other in awhile).

We eat delicious food, talk, listen to music, and swim. It’s Meredith’s first time in the big pool and we have a blast.

7:15 pm – I wish we could stay longer, but we have to get back. On the road again.

Tip: listening to the 90’s pop station on Pandora makes the time go by extremely fast.

9:30 pm – We’re home, and Meredith is asleep. But she wakes up! And wants to stay awake! So I put our stuff away and carry her around and nurse her and play with her.

11:50 pm – She’s finally asleep, and I follow soon after. It was a good, full day.

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