July 9, 2012

Due to extenuating circumstances, we don’t have an Internet connection at our house right now other than 3G on our phones. Turns out it’s not all that fast around these parts, either. We haven’t had it in a couple of weeks, and although we’ll be getting it hooked up again, I’m not sure when that will be. Hopefully before the month is out, but maybe not.

I hadn’t planned to take a break from my blog, but it’s becoming more difficult to keep up with. I don’t want my family to think my visits are only for the wifi, after all, so it might be quiet around here until we’re connected again. Not that I think anyone would even particularly notice, but I still feel the urge to say it.

But when we’re up and running again, get ready. Because I have books to discuss, Project Life spreads to share, challenges to start, and there’s the small milestone of Meredith turning one.

Be back soon.

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