Good Things: July 2012

August 1, 2012

At the end of each day I write down at least one GOOD thing that happened, then I share them all here monthly.


1 – Getting Meredith’s birthday party invitations done with Lauren; visiting my friend Sara

2 – Mom coming to take care of me when I felt sick; resting at my mother-in-law’s houst while she watched M.

3 – Going through lots of borrowed clothes for M. from Sara

4 – Low key day off with lots of relaxed family time

5 – Surprisingly easy work day with time to read at lunch

6 – Relaxing at Mom & Dad’s for dinner

7 – David helping with so many chores; swimming with M in the neighborhood pool

8 – Journaling again, David bringing home dinner & eating together, David making Meredith laugh by tickling her

9 – Good yearly evaluation at work

10 – Getting Meredith to bed early

11 – Finishing The Book Thief and loving it

12 – Meredith being especially calm and cute; my  nephew Cameron giving me a huge smile and singing with me

13 – A night at home with David

14 – Reconnecting with David spending the evening together; getting a lot of planning & shopping done for Meredith’s party with Mom

15 – Crafting for the party; date night with David to see The Avengers

16 – Pleasant chat with a patient about his time as a pilot in WW2

17 – Getting our home refinance refund check,  finishing Bringing Up Bebe, and making time to work on Project Life

18 – Buying an Instax Mini camera

19 – An efficient day at work, visiting with my aunt & uncle in town from South Carolina

20 – Meredith’s first birthday, dinner with David’s family and seeing her eat a cupcake

21 – Birthday party!

22 – My Dad and uncle’s birthday lunch

23 – Meredith laughing a whole bunch and loving the alligator walker

24 – M. laughing while I pushed her in the Little People car

25 – Actually publishing a decent blog post

26 – Meredith being especially sweet in the morning (hugging, head on my chest, no fussing), the daycare lady being nice & chatty, an evening at my parents’ getting computer work done, a new bedside table

27 – Having deep talks with two patients about their emotional journey through cancer

28 – Brunch with my friend Karlene, cleaning & organizing the house

29 – Book club, getting caught up on Project Life, David being so helpful with M. so I could have alone time

30 – A super easy day at work

31 – Perfect moment when Meredith smiled & cooed after nursing in such a satisfied way and then laughed a ton when I tickled her


Just slipping this little note in here to say that I crazily decided to join VEDA (Vlog Every Day in August) this year. Yeah, I don’t know how I’ll manage it either. Anyway, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel here if you care to follow along.

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    From Holly:

    I think this is my favourite series on your blog – I always mean to start writing down my “Good Things” every day but never remember! We got that alligator walker for Topher too – he was terrified of it at first but once he could actually walk and run he loved to run up and down the hall with it :)

  2. 2

    From Nora:

    You are doing VEDA? That may be reason enough to join :) I don’t think i can muster it this year but I hope to watch some videos!

    Glad you had so many lovely things to share with us. I can read your joy in these posts, which makes me happy!

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