project life 2012 : weeks 25 – 26

August 2, 2012

I combined the last two weeks into one spread again because I really wanted to get caught up.

Most of this was centered around Meredith turning one. This isn’t the primary spot that I’m documenting her birthday (there will be a blog post about her party next week, a scrapbook we made, her baby book, and her birthday book) which is why I didn’t do an insert.

Here we have one of her 12-month-old pictures and updates, a movie ticket stub from the date David and I went on, a photo of M. on her actual birthday at dinner with David’s family, a clipped-in Instax photo of us with my uncle who was in town, and a cute picture from the party – with the few seconds that Meredith actually wore her tiara. The pink banner above the quote was one of the cupcake toppers. :)

Photos of M. with my aunt & uncle and a rare family portrait up top. The “thank you” card came with a CD that I got Meredith for her birthday and inside I wrote down the other gifts I got her. Then there’s a shot of M. at the doctor’s office, the weekly rundown, and a card from Einstein Bros. where I had brunch with a friend. On the bottom is a picture I love because everything is in focus except Meredith, who is blurry and on the move, but you can tell she’s smiling. Then I thought it would be fun to put in one of our grocery lists.

I still love this project, but I am thinking that I might start combining weeks like this regularly so that I can keep up without being overwhelmed. I only have limited free time to myself, and there are other projects that I want to focus on as well like decorating our house, revamping my blog, and finishing some cross stitch. But the great thing is that this scrapbook style is so flexible, and anything I choose to document is better than nothing!

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    From Nora:

    M. is just so adorable. I am loving these updates and think it’s so cool that you are working on it/doing it. I don’t know if I have the time/patience do to this but I would love to, maybe next year. (Also, love your grocery store list! Makes it more fun!)

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