project life 2012 : weeks 27 – 28

August 16, 2012

So far still combining two weeks into one spread and it’s working well for me.

These weeks aren’t my most inspired or colorful, but that’s okay. It’s what happens when I have to finish them on a week night after a busy work day. I’m just grateful for a husband who likes to take the baby on errands with him to give me some time to myself.

Stuff is kind of out of order here. I took a close-up of Meredith’s feet to signify her taking her first steps, and I will probably dedicate more to her walking on the next week since that’s when she really took off. On the bottom is a picture of David and I when we were hanging out watching the Olympics together on a night that Meredith went to bed early. It doesn’t happen often so I had to document it. At work I did an interview with my mentor and we made it into the hospital magazine so I cut out our picture to include.

At some point I received a book in the mail (from Bookmooch) and I cut out the stamps on the package. Then I wanted to highlight a perfect little moment I had with Meredith one day, so I gave it its own pocket.

I got a picture of me writing in a patient’s chart at work – several things from work made it in this week and usually there are none – and included an update on the cross stitch project I’m working on. Of course I had to do a little summary of VEDA since that’s a big part of my life at the moment, and then there’s also a photo of me and my two best coworker-friends, one of whom just transferred somewhere closer to home.

I used a lot of neutrals this week so next I think I need some color!

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    From Michelle:

    I am so inspired by your Project Life spreads! I have a smash book, but I’m not really feeling it like I thought I would, but I really want to start documenting things better. I think it will be fun to look at when Jonas is older.

    How do you print your instagrams?

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