Good Things: August 2012

September 1, 2012

At the end of each day I write down at least one GOOD thing that happened, then I share them all here monthly.


1 – Easy day of work
2 – Meredith going to sleep at 7:30 allowing David &me to watch the Olympics together adding our own commentary
3 – Watching Olympic soccer with my parents
4 – Getting chores done early & being able to just relax

5 – Church potluck, making chocolate chip cookie dough, lots of good play time with M, and an unplanned sit down dinner with David

6 – Catching up on all the unread blogs in my reader

7 – Leisurely work day doing injections with one of my favorite coworkers

8 – Playing with Meredith in the bounce house with family

9 – Taking possession of David’s Kindle

10 – Getting Meredith to sleep without a drive

11 – M’s first steps; date with David to see Dark Knight Rises

12 – Play date with a friend; lots more steps from M

13 – Being floated to another unit and having three nice/easy patients, making plans with David to save money, getting to a really good part in my audiobook, and listening to Meredith laugh while David played with her

14 – Early bedtime

15 – Getting to craft in the evening

16 – Having a nice chat with the morning daycare lady (I didn’t like her for awhile – realizing I like her now); ice cream social at work

17 – Work not being as bad as I expected

18 – Figuring out how to save money with the car situation

19 – Meredith sitting on my lap letting me read books to her

20 – Playing chase with M and hearing her laugh so much

21 – Family shopping night

22 – Super nice patient wanting to officially compliment me, a friend interviewing for the open RN position, and Meredith being so affectionate

23 – Time to cross stitch in the evening

24 – Dinner at Mom & Dad’s

25 – Essential oils meeting where M was so good, seeing family again after they were out of town & my nephew Lucas giving me a huge hug

26 – Getting a thank you card with gift card inside from a patient in the mail; getting some alone time at home

27 – Extra time spent with David

28 – Good reading time, M climbing on me to play

29 – David in a great mood again; how Meredith walked to me with her arms open just for hugs

30 – David doing so many things for me at home since I was late; coming home to him feeding M beans and corn from the can

31 – Dinner at David’s parents’ house

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