project life 2012 : weeks 29 – 30

September 6, 2012

This is August 12 – 25. Still doing two weeks at a time.

This was when Meredith really took off walking. I also started my project of cataloging and organizing all of my books. We started a bedtime routine, David’s car got totaled & his parents gave us theirs, and M. turned 13 months.

On the right side is just some odds & ends. I included a couple receipts from the night we went shopping as a family and a fortune I got in a fortune cookie. “Happy news is on its way to you.” I had to blur some personal journaling because it’s not my place to share it with the Internet.

I only have a couple hours each weekend to work on personal projects uninterrupted. I’m trying to get myself on a schedule where I do Project Life one weekend and work on the blog the next. Right now I’m not yet caught up but I’m getting there!

David was looking through my album the other day and he was surprised when I told him I plan to continue next year. I do though; it’s still so fun and rewarding! I do plan to purchase a core kit for next year though. When I saw the new seafoam edition I knew it was something I could really use, and some premade cards could save me valuable time.

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    From Nora:

    Bummer about to hear about the car; what a mess! The project looks great and I think it’s such a great way to catalog the weeks because I’m a firm believer that so much happens on a weekly basis that we may not always remember it.

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    From Johanna @ These Prices:

    I’m not sure if I’m going to do it in 2013 or not. I am SO far behind right now that the thought makes me weak. On the other hand, if we are blessed with a baby, I’m going to want to have a record. So … I’m torn.

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    From kapachino:

    Can you rework your method, simplify? For example, I started combining two weeks into one spread because I couldn’t keep up. You could even do one per month. I do feel like I might be leaving things out picture-wise but at least I can jot the highlights down. Plus, anything is better than nothing.

    As far as finding time to do it, could you make it a kind of ritual? Have someone else watch Harry for a couple hours every other week and make it your “me” time? I found that I can’t really just fit it in or it won’t get done – I have to plan for it. I pretty much have to schedule ANYTHING that I want to get done these days, even fun stuff.

    I just really believe in this system! It’s so flexible and rewarding. I want to see it work for you. :)

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