holiday 2012 to-do list

November 30, 2012

First of all, a reminder – if you are participating in the Book of Lists, we’re posting our first list on Monday (December 3) and the topic is wishlist. So if like me you haven’t done it yet, work on it this weekend!

And now, since today is the last day of November, I give you my holiday to-do list. I am pretty happy that I can already cross off a few things.

1. Put up household decorations.

2. Put up tree and decorate it.

3. Make advent calendar.

4. Fill advent calendar. (Decided to skip this.)

5. Buy gifts for family. (In progress.)

6. Assemble my Christmas wish list and send to family (we all do lists).

7. Decide whether or not to send Christmas cards. (Going to do New Years’ cards!)

8. Drive to see the lights in River Oaks (a fancy Houston neighborhood).

9. Go shopping with Dad.

10. Attend the Messiah singalong with Mom.

11. Bake my sister-in-law’s delicious Christmas cookies.

12. Go to the Christmas tree farm with family.

13. Do something for Meredith’s teachers.

14. Work Christmas party.

15. Nursing home Christmas party.

16. New pajamas for all of us.

17. Drink a lot of peppermint mochas. (In progress.)

18. Keep up with December daily.

19. Cook whatever my family tells me to cook.

20. Shop the sales after Christmas for holiday items.

What’s on your list?

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    From Nora:

    I need to work on the christmas card thing. I’m finding it tough since I’m still working on thank you notes from the wedding (oops!). I also can’t decide on photo cards vs. hand written cards (and then all the writing) so yeah, I’m kind of not sure about it right now.

    Number 19 cracked me up :)

    On my list… well I don’t even have one yet which I guess I should probably work on!

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