project life 2012 : weeks 39 – 40

November 26, 2012

Be prepared because I might just be posting every day this week. Apparently I have a lot to say.

Today’s Project Life episode comes from the weeks of October 21 to November 3.

It’s not immediately apparent but I actually included an insert for Halloween.

On the left we have a photo of our single fall decoration, a couple of Meredith’s “trial run” costumes, a celebration at the nursing home, and Lauren & I out and about. By the way I like the weekly quote cards, but they are totally random at this point and I don’t know if I’ll keep them up for next year.

Here’s the insert I was talking about:

I just wanted to get a few of the full-size photos in there without it taking over the whole spread.

Then on the right side is mostly just random photos.

And we had this one really enjoyable Sunday afternoon as a family so I wrote about it in more detail.

And on to the next week!

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Comments on project life 2012 : weeks 39 – 40

  1. 1

    From Sara:

    Hey, was that Reese’s Snow White costume? :)

  2. 2

    From kapachino:

    Yes! It was a little small but still adorable. She wore it to the nursing home’s Halloween party. :)

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