project life 2012 : weeks 43 – 44

December 13, 2012

Finally, I’m all caught up with sharing these spreads! My goal is to wrap up 2012 on time so I can spend all my energy focusing on moving forward. I love my album, but it is my first try and I view it as practice. I think next year’s is going to be easier and better. :)

Awful photos today, sorry about that. My camera died and I had to use my phone. Anyway, here we have the second half of November, including Thanksgiving.

The top right quote card is again from the Project Life freebies page. A couple random photos, David’s “meal planning” post-it note, and some talk about work because it’s been crazy there lately.

I love how he was planning what dish to cook in what…but they all ended up saying “pan.” :)

Thanksgiving pretty much took over this side. Mostly just photos. Meredith and I also had lunch with a friend of mine one day so that’s in there too.

A little write-up of the holiday. I love making my own simple journaling cards with stamps and washi tape.

From here on I hope to share with you two weeks at a time, the following week. I’ve been keeping up with it so far and I think I’ve got it down!

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Comments on project life 2012 : weeks 43 – 44

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    From Nora:

    Love the Neil Armstrong quote; reminds me of what my grandpa used to say to me when I was little about why he chose not to work out. Looks great as always. If this is considered practice I’m curious to see what next year’s will look like.

    I do have a question: do you print the photos at home or do you get them printed at CVS/Walgreens/Target, etc? I dont’ know if I would be disciplined enough to get all my photos printed in a timely enough fashion for me to do this project but I’m throwing the idea of it around.

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    From kapachino:

    What I do is use Snapfish to print them at my local Walgreens. The quality is dependent on the place you have them printed and my Walgreens is pretty good. You can also get them the same day and it’s not too expensive. So whenever I’m ready to do a spread (usually every other weekend) I order my photos – on a Saturday evening or Sunday morning – pick them up Sunday afternoon, then do my spread! It works well for me.

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