self-care list: ideal v. actual

December 5, 2012

In general I consider myself a healthy person, but every day I think about all the things I should be doing to take care of myself and then I knowingly fail to do them. So even though I’m still healthy, I’m not actively pursuing health. Let’s have a couple of lists to illustrate.

Things I have every intention of doing to take care of myself:

1. Get 7-8 hours of sleep each night

2. Brush my teeth in the morning and at night

3. Floss daily

4. Morning and evening facial skin care regimen including cleanser, toner, moisturizer, & eye cream

5. Weekly facial exfoliation

6. Body moisturizer daily

7. Extra sunscreen daily

8. Drink a bunch of water every day

9. Take calcium twice a day and multivitamin once a day

10. Apply essential oils daily and use extra when I feel sick

11. Eat healthy – less sweets, less carbs, more vegetables & fruit

12. Eat way less meat

13. Exercise at least three times a week

14. Wake up early enough to have 10-15 minutes of spiritual time

15. Use all natural personal care products

What I actually do:

1. Get 9-10 hours of sleep each night (I’m good at sleep)

2. Brush my teeth every night and a few times a week in the morning when I remember

3. Get psyched up to start flossing daily a few times a year and make it less than a week before giving up

4. Wash and moisturize my face during/after I shower, which is about every other day, and frequently sleep with makeup on

5. Monthly(?) facial exfoliation

6. Moisturize my arms and legs after I shower on the weekends

7. Rely on the sunscreen in my mineral powder foundation

8. Drink hardly any water, don’t drink anything else either though

9. Take calcium once a week when I remember, forget that I should be taking a multivitamin

10. Apply essential oils randomly

11. Eat whatever I want

12. See above

13. Never exercise

14. Wake up just in time to get ready and get out the door

15. Use mostly all natural personal care products

So yeah…that’s kind of embarrassing. But as I head into the new year and think about goals (one of my favorite things to think about) this stuff will definitely be up for consideration.

What’s on your ideal self-care list? Tell me, so I can make my goals even loftier.

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Comments on self-care list: ideal v. actual

  1. 1

    From San:

    Oh my. I can relate to this post so, so much.

    I am especially bad about the drinking part. I just HATE drinking liquids (it’s a little easier in the winter, when I can drink tea, because I do better with hot drinks than with just water).

    But hey, that’s what New Year’s Resolutions are for, right? ;)

  2. 2

    From Nora:

    Did you steal this post out of my head? Glad to know I’m not the only one who sleeps with make-up on… I do that a few times a week. I always try to floss more, but maybe do it once a week? I drink a ton of water, but fail at the vitamin thing.

    I do have SPF lotion on my face everyday so that counts, right? I hope so.

    Things I’d like to do… apart from exercise for my health, I’d like to walk the dog for at least 20 minutes every night. It’s good for him, and it is good for me as it helps me clear my head from the day. I’m also trying this “no phone” sunday thing: no calls, texts, social media, nothing. It gives me a chance to reconnect with Knight and just be. It’s working well and I figure it’s for my (mental) self-care.

    Awesome post, even if it reminds me of the things I’m not doing…!

  3. 3

    From Sara:

    This made me chuckle, only because I can relate! I use a face moisturizer with SPF 15 in it, but the bad part? I use it only after I shower, unless I know I’m going hiking or something, and that’s usually every other day as well, AND at night!

    For someone who eats whatever she wants and never exercise, you look fabulous!! =)

  4. 4

    From lauren w:

    Shoot it looks like you’re doing pretty good to me! If I copy this post mine will look much worse I’m sure. I think I ate at Chick-Fil-A twice last week and probably had cookies for breakfast at least as many times.

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