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January 14, 2013

It sure feels good to have one whole year in the books. I still love it so much.


I tried a couple of new things on this last page that I will be doing more of in my 2013 album. One of them you can see in the top photo, which features the group of us who gathered for New Year’s Eve for the 7th or 8th year in a row, where I added text right onto the photo in PSE.

On the bottom row I cut out the “notes” from a Paper Source wall calendar and wrote a summary of our year, and the label on the bottom right is a printout from the Studio Calico Day by Day class along with the stamp.


But this is the coolest thing ever. I got the idea from Manda’s blog (which you should read because she’s awesome). I uploaded a video to YouTube and then used this website to create a QR code for it, took a screen shot, cropped it down, and printed it out so now my album is interactive! I’m kind of obsessed with this idea and I’ll definitely be including it whenever I have an interesting video. (This one has some silly dancing from NYE on it and is private for now.)


To round out the pockets I cut down a calendar from Paper Source with this pretty paper, and then just stamped 2012 all over a piece of kraft paper.

I never really lost steam with this project all year but I am now completely reenergized. I’m expecting my core kit to arrive this week and I can’t wait to tackle 2013! Most likely I’ll share my title page next week along some more thoughts on how I’ll proceed this year.

Happy Monday!

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Comments on project life 2012 : last page

  1. 1

    From lauren w:

    I am so proud of you for finishing this! It looks so great and I’m totally inspired to get started on my own scrapbook with all my OLD photos…gotta get them organized first though…

  2. 2

    From Nora:

    Such a great idea to include a QR code! Who would have thought that a LifeBook (scrapbook sounds not the right word for this!) would be interactive?
    Congrats on finishing it and thanks for sharing with us :)

  3. 3

    From Sarah:

    I’ve really loved following all your scrapbooking posts! I used to scrapbook a million years ago but gave it up because it was too fussy. You have totally inspired me to try a paper-based scrapbook again! (I have been making & printing really basic digital photo albums from Snapfish each year since my son was born, and I proably will continue to do that, too.) I ordered some Project Life pages and a core kit, and I’m really excited to try your 2-week spread idea.

  4. 4

    From kapachino:

    That’s awesome, I’m so happy! I never really got into traditional scrapbooking because it wasn’t my style & it overwhelmed me. This has been great though.

  5. 5

    From Manda:

    Oh awesome! QR codes are so cool huh?? And I can’t wait to see your quilt…make sure to take some pictures of the progress and post here or on IG. :)

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