list 5 : today i saw

April 8, 2013

list 5 title

Before I share today’s list I just wanted to say that I still love this quick and fun monthly project. I know I don’t have many people participating, but as I was putting this together (in less than 20 minutes) I was thinking about how perfect it is for me. It’s extremely fast and easy to do, something I can work on even when Meredith is around. It gets me using my Instax camera that I really enjoy but tend to forget about. It’s an excuse to play with paper and washi tape and write with my nice pen. And it captures a snippet of life at the moment. I am planning on sticking with this indefinitely, until I lose my love for it. At some point I want to go back and change up the cover and add a title page as well.

Now on to this month’s topic which is “today I saw.” Just wanted to capture a little bit of daily life.

list 5

Meredith dancing all-out to worship music

a gorgeous blue sky

David’s shaved beard

my parents

some young moms out for a walk that I wish I could meet and befriend

church life group

baby Karley

several episodes of 30 Rock while cross-stitching before bed

list 5 pic

Next month: We’ll be posting on May 6 and the topic is “with me at all times.”


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Comments on list 5 : today i saw

  1. 1

    From Nora:

    I have my list done, just need to post it! I’m excited as it’s fun one, I think. So is next months!

    If you lived in my neighborhood I would totally befriend you. Just saying!

  2. 2

    From Jen:

    Good list! Hope you get to meet the moms!

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