april goals update

May 1, 2013

goals update

Cut all cream triangles for quilt. This is done! I’m super excited to move on to the next step!

Have sewing machine repaired. It’s not repaired yet, but it is in the shop. I should know by next Tuesday if parts or further repair (other than routine cleaning) is needed.

Purge & organize all of our clothes. This was one of the main things I tackled on my vacation. I even donated the clothes we don’t want instead of leaving them boxed or bagged up for months, and passed along Meredith’s outgrown clothes to my niece. Feels good.

Get caught up on Project Life. I got caught up, but now I’m on the verge of being behind again, ha. If I can get a spread done this coming weekend I’ll be right on schedule though. :)

One craft or project just for fun. Yes! I didn’t think I was going to finish, but then Meredith took a 4-hour nap (!!) last weekend and I completed and hung my woven wall hanging that I started on vacation. As soon as I get some photos in good lighting I will share it for sure.

Complete one area of the house. Yup, I called the eating nook done.

Give proofs of love. I could have done more, but I did try to give David more random cards and notes of affirmation, along with being more intentionally affectionate. I don’t know if he noticed, but we did have a good month together so I’m happy. :)

It was an incredibly productive month and although I’m a little bit tired I am also still inspired! May goals coming tomorrow.

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    From Sarah:

    It sounds like you had a very successful month! The thing I love about setting these monthly goals is actually seeing my accomplishments at the end of the month! (It’s amazing what I can get done in a couple of days when I don’t want to report that I’m a complete failure, too.)

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