june goals

May 31, 2013

june goals

So this month might not be very fun. It’s time to make some changes though. I need to eat healthier and my main area of weakness is sweets so I’m starting there. Until now I’ve been having multiple desserts a day. I want to cut back to two a week to try to get rid of the cravings. I also figure that if I get a good water bottle and have it always with me I’ll drink more, which I want to do anyway, and it will also help keep me from snacking.

The exercise thing needs to happen but I’m not sure how. My ideas right now are to do yoga 2-3 times a week in the morning before work (although that will mean waking up super early but I think I can do it), do some sort of workout DVD in the evening with Meredith around (my hope is that she’ll think it’s fun), and to alternate a quick hand weights/plyometrics workout in the evenings too. This month will be for experimentation and not necessarily for consistency until I can find what works.

More boring, unfun stuff includes our budget. We really want to pay off debt and do some saving, but we haven’t been trying. The last few months we’ve been purchasing odds and ends that we need and want in hopes that we can lock down our budget and do some serious cutting back. So this month I want to set a detailed budget and find all the areas we can save.

There ARE a couple of things to look forward to though. I’m ready to start sewing on my quilt but I didn’t set a specific goal because just getting something sewn will be an accomplishment. I need to thread the bobbin, practice awhile, and then who knows how much I’ll screw up before getting comfortable with it. Then I want to finish off the buffet area, which will entail some organizing and decorating. I think I want to fill the area mostly with plants and I’m really excited about it.

Alright June, let’s do this.

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    From Mindy:

    I appreciate how you lay out do-able goals, and then follow up later! Have you found this to really help you stay on track? I feel like I would put things out there and then say, “whoops… didn’t do these this month…” lol But I’d love to be more loyal to what I put on paper! (And I’m with you on the sweets and exercise…trying to lose some lbs. by my birthday in July! We’ll see.)

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    From kapachino:

    It definitely helps me because I can get so busy that I forget that there are other things I want to achieve other than just the day to day stuff. My goals are on the lock screen of my phone so I look at them every day! It also helps keep me from getting overwhelmed with all the things I want to do. This way I have focus and make steady progress. :)

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    From Nora:

    I’ve heard that they have some kid/toddler yoga videos so maybe you can put them on for Meredith on the computer while you do yours? Knight and I have set-up a craft area for the kidlets to use this summer while we workout so that we can still fit it in! We have been good about and I’m trying to keep up the routine (I’m a workout at night kinda gal) so I’m hoping we can (mostly) keep it going.

    We had a huge talk about budgets the other night; oddly enough I’m the one who is more ok with setting one than Knight is =)

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    From Sarah:

    I find that evenings are so crazy between getting home from work, cooking dinner, etc. that I never find time to exercise. MAYBE a family walk after dinner but usually we end up just playing in the backyard, neither one of which is exactly a workout for me. Long story short, if I don’t work out in the mornings, it pretty much doesn’t happen!

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