may goals

May 2, 2013

may goals

So after a very busy April I wanted to take a step back this month in the goals area. There are only six of them, and none are too intense. I’m really excited about laying out my quilt top because I’ll get to see what the finished product will look like (sort of). Then I want to prepare it for sewing.

CEU’s stands for continuing education units, and I need them to keep up my nursing license, my oncology certification, and for annual review at work. I am behind on them so this needs to get done regardless, but I thought making it a monthly goal would give me more satisfaction when I do them.

I am curious about Google calendar. Although I do carry a moleskine around for random notes, I do almost all of my list-making and planning digitally, and it works best for me. For a few months this year I tried out an Erin Condren planner and I intend to do a full review of it, but in the end it was bulkier than I needed. I want to see if I can make Google calendar work for me.

The yoga thing is an experiment. I know I love yoga, and I have the resources to do it at home (even though I prefer in studio). I have been trying to brainstorm a way I can incorporate some kind of exercise into my life and the best idea I can come up with right now is to see if I can do a yoga session in the morning before work. Right now I use that alone time (at 5 a.m.) to do my Bible study so I am thinking that I might alternate days and use yoga time to pray. We’ll see.

Speaking of prayer, now that Meredith is a little older I want to start praying with her daily before bed. I think this will also be good for David and me as a couple to pray together.

And finally, meal planning, my old nemesis. People are so kind to give me all kinds of advice about how to make planning, preparing, and cooking dinner easier for me, but when it comes down to it the main problem is just getting motivated to make a plan. I started this week with our easiest standby meals, but I’d like to branch out a little.

Here we go May!

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    From Nora:

    At first glance I thought the first one said “lay out guilt.” =) Then I realized that made NO sense at all.

    Love the goals you have planned for this month. I’m trying to “let go, let flow,” and feel less anxiety stress. Let’s see how it goes!

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    From Sarah:

    Excellent goals as always! I really like the family prayer time. We are not as good as we should be about prayers before meals, and I love the idea of starting a bedtime prayer routine with a little one.

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