my mother’s day wish list

May 9, 2013

So this really isn’t a gift guide or anything, unless you are looking to get me a gift. Then by all means! But my husband asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day and other than time with my family (and some time to myself, let’s be real) I was thinking that even though I keep a running wish list, there are types of things that I never seem to buy for myself but that I always want. So this is what I mentioned to him:

mothers day wish list

House plants – specifically, ones that can stand neglect like succulents. I am actually fairly attentive to my plants but since I’m just learning about them I need hardy ones. I have six small indoor plants at the moment and want way more.

Art Prints – Most of the walls in our house are bare. I recently pulled out some old art I had and tried to start a gallery wall but I realized none of it is my style anymore. I need lots more art to display that I actually love. The print pictured is one of my current favorites.

Monthly subscription box – Recently I have become kind of obsessed with these. So far I haven’t actually gotten any in the mail (although I will, and I will report back!) but I have been researching them all like whoa. I got to choose one for my gift, and after much deliberating I went with OliveBox which is all things pretty paper. A close second was UmbaBox which features different handmade items. I had also previously subscribed to PopSugar’s Must Have box which I’m super excited about (that’s my referral link there), and I’m considering something like Birchbox for my mom and mother-in-law.

Earrings – I am constantly losing one earring. Currently I have no complete pairs that are suitable for everyday wear. I like simple studs best and these are some that I’m loving.

Spa gift card – I love basically every treatment at the spa. I wish I could go every week, but instead I go maaaybe a few times a year. A gift card here is always appreciated.

So I’m curious, what kinds of things do you always love receiving as gifts but never think to buy for yourself or even ask for? What are you doing for your mother-figure for Mother’s Day, or how do you celebrate?

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    From Nora:

    for my mom we do a picnic type thing each year; it’s great to be outside, relaxing, enjoying food, games and books. This year we are doing it at my parents house as my dad is going to grill beer can chicken (It’s really good) and just kind of relax. We celebrated with Knight’s family last week so that takes some of the travel out of it which is nice for us.

    I LOVE stud earrings. I have some fancier pairs for when I’m going out, but studs are perfect for my everyday wear. My mom got me a pair of faux diamonds for Christmas and I wear them pretty much daily Monday-Friday.

    Also, spa days are the best. Knight was a sweetie and got me one for Christmas; I used it in February and it rocked. I really could use another one!

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    From Sarah:

    I love the idea of the boxes, but I always feel like I will be disappointed. I had a bit of a bad experience with Quarterly & Co, so that’s probably making me jaded. I’m very curious to see what my husband does from Mother’s Day. He is not very into giving gifts or recognizing special occasions, so this is a challenge for him.

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    From alisa beth:

    Oh, goodness, THANKS for the introduction to OliveBox! I can’t wait to look into that. I subscribed to BirchBox for a year and LOVED it. Even though I mainly just loved the nail polish and perfume samples, getting the box each month was such a treat. After the year was up, I decided to save the money, but it was definitely a nice thing. I had a free three month subscription to Bluum box and while I didn’t think it was especially special, my son LOVES a teether that was sent in one of the boxes. And I tried one box from CitrusLane based on a video review I saw from a blogger I like and OH MY GOODNESS, I was so, so disappointed in the month’s box that I got (though my 2.5 year old LOVED getting a box in the mail and opening it up all by himself). Anyway, I am a fan of the box subscriptions and I’m so happy to learn about the papery one!

    I hope you have a WONDERFUL Mother’s Day weekend. We’re taking my mom to the special Mother’s Day brunch at the Ritz! I’ve been praying for weeks that our little ones are well behaved, but I’m thankful that my husband will be on baby duty in case they need a walk outside :-).

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