project life 2013 : week 15

May 3, 2013

Here’s my Project Life spread for the week of April 8-14, which was the week I was home on vacation. It ended up being a fairly colorful layout which is fun. I have a lot of very neutral layouts as well but they all go together.


I included an insert for our trip to the zoo because we took a lot of pictures that day and they were so cute.


On the left side is the mini loom and the start of my woven wall hanging, an Instax outtake, my brother and Meredith as well as a little journaling about how we visited him on his birthday, a filler card, and photos of my cross stitch progress and my crafting desk where I spent a lot of time.



I kept the insert super simple. Just photos, a short journaling card with prompts, and tickets.



Here’s the back of it. I used a Smash fabric tab to distinguish it as an insert.


On the right side is photos of Meredith’s and my organized closets, another filler card (I didn’t take many vertical pictures this week for a change), and my painted toes relaxing.


We spent some time with family and Meredith and her cousin Cameron had a blast driving this motorized toy car around. I got an adorable video of it, too.


Here I taped in the ticket from our date to see the play my brother directed.


And lastly, another simple journaling card detailing all the stuff I got done that week. Washi tape was a special edition from Freckled Fawn.


Thought: I love my simple style of layouts, but one thing I want to incorporate more as far as embellishment goes is stamps and writing directly on photos. It is in keeping with the style but adds just a little more interest without being distracting. (Take this and this for example.) I just ordered these stamps and a bunch more of these (I already have a few) and I’m excited to put them to use!

Second thought: In the future I am going to start listing the supplies and tools I use at the bottom of each post, just in case it can help someone out there.

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    From christina:

    just a quick note to let you know that i really enjoy your blog! so often, i can’t relate to the blogs of stay-at-home moms. i know being a SAHM isn’t easy by any means, but working moms have to juggle so much more. the fact that you are able to work AND be a mom AND and find time for hobbies AND keep up a blog is incredibly inspiring. go you!

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