what’s on your… (with a bonus vlog)

May 27, 2013

I saw this fun little list of questions on Ali Edwards’ blog and thought I’d play along. Then because it was a holiday I decided to record a video with my answers as well. Enjoy!

Vanity: jewelry box, family picture, framed cross stitch, cork board with magazine clippings of outfit inspiration

Perennial to-do list: chores, Project Life, random crafts & house updates

Refrigerator shelves: lots of leftovers (yay!)

Itinerary: blueberry picking with my mom

Fantasy itinerary: Italy, Hawaii, California coast

Playlist: listening to Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Nightstand: a vase with branches in it, a pretty box with pens and chapstick, lamp

Workout plan: try to do yoga ever

iPhone: things, twitter, instagram, feedly, podcasts, candy crush, pictapgo, goodreads, peekaboo barn

Top 5 list: still don’t understand this question

Bucket list: be conversational in Spanish, live debt free, learn to garden and sew proficiently, complete a triathlon, be happy with the way my house is decorated

Mind: thinking about the week ahead and getting prepared mentally, trying to figure out my goals for next month

Blogroll: elise blaha cripe, smile and wave, manda townsend, your wishcake (among many others)

Walls of your favorite room in your house: photos of Meredith and a handmade monogrammed M made out of buttons in her room (which is the only one fully decorated)

Liquor shelf: no alcohol but we have lots of juice :)

Last credit card statement: we don’t use credit cards but the last thing we bought other than groceries & bills was my stitch fix and some pretty wrapping paper from world market

Screensaver: my list of goals for the month

TV every night: nothing for me, but David watches the ID channel and dateline

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Comments on what’s on your… (with a bonus vlog)

  1. 1

    From Sarah:

    I like making your screensaver your monthly goals! I’ll have to try this in June.

  2. 2

    From Nora:

    Ditto what Sarah said; that’s a great idea!

    Also, apparently I don’t know anything about technology as I had no clue you get Feedly on your phone. That would probably save me a lot of time… =)

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