list 7 : i’d rather be doing

June 3, 2013

It’s time for Book of Lists, and this month’s topic is “I’d rather be doing.”

list 7

I imagined myself working, or doing something unpleasant, and thought of all the things I could be doing instead. Some of them are fantasy and some are realistic.

list 7 full

relaxing in Hawaii with David

cuddling Meredith

reading a great book

working on a craft or creative project

visiting my friends across the country

hiking, biking, or some other outdoor activity

drinking coffee and browsing blogs

list 7 pic

I am still pretty terrible at taking Instax pictures (probably because I don’t do research or practice that often) but it’s still fun. In this picture is a map of Kauai, Hawaii where David and I went on our honeymoon.

Next month: We’ll be posting on July 1 and the topic is “celebrity crushes” because it’s summer and we need something light and fun. :)


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    From Nora:

    Ok, I’m pretty sure I need to have this list post stamped in my planner because I forgot again. I am going to put mine up tomorrow!

    Hawaii sounds great; have you and David been there? It’s on our list for “someday”!

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