20 weeks

September 13, 2013

20 weeks

Time for an official pregnancy update, yeah?

Symptoms: Nothing really to complain about. Most days I still have a bout of nausea a few hours after I wake up but it passes quickly. Overall I have a pretty big appetite. In the past month I have gained about 8 pounds and am up a total of 12-ish which is similar to my last pregnancy at this point. Bloating is kept in check by avoiding large amounts of dairy. Almost every  night I wake up around 3:30 or 4am to pee and then don’t get any good sleep after that so I’m tired in the mornings. So far no signs of carpal tunnel which was a big issue in my last pregnancy.

Medical stuff: I am still slightly anemic and am supposed to be taking iron supplements but I’m not. Maybe one of these days I will get motivated and start taking them but it’s just not something I’m worried about and I don’t feel like dealing with the side effects.

Movement: Over the past week I went from maaaaybe feeling the baby move every few days to feeling it for sure throughout each day. David even felt it kick once! It’s such a relief, and one of the most amazing things.

Clothes: My scrubs are getting a little tight but are hanging in there. I am very limited right now on other clothes that fit. Most maternity clothes are still baggy but regular stuff is too tight. This weekend I’m going shopping for some transitional stuff that I can wear again when I’m not pregnant. Maxi skirts and loose shirts for the win!

Preparation: Well, I started a small list of things that would be nice to have for a second baby. I’ve been brainstorming names but so far they’ve all been shot down by David. Our anatomy scan is on Monday so once we find out the sex we can think about it more seriously, along with what to do about the nursery. We talk to Meredith about the baby in mommy’s tummy every day, but I don’t think she gets it yet. For me the most exciting part of our preparation so far is that we are getting new carpet. I can’t wait to be able to lay baby down on it without being grossed out, and I’m very excited about the inspiration it will bring me to fix up the bedrooms.

Also: David and I booked a two-night getaway at a private cottage in an adorable town in the Texas Hill Country for our 5-year anniversary. The trip is happening at the beginning of November and it will be the first time I’m away from Meredith overnight, but I am just so excited about the trip that right now it’s overshadowing any type of anxiety about being apart from her. Soon we won’t have the chance to do this by ourselves for awhile so I’m glad we’re going for it!

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  1. 1

    From Nora:

    You look great!
    Tell David I’m still pulling for the name Nora if it’s a girl (cause I have so much say in it!) ;)
    The getaway sounds awesome; well deserved for you both! Happy Friday, friend.

  2. 2

    From Jeanna:

    YAY! Let me know if you need any more flooring info, and if you need to borrow maxi skirts, I have 3 that I wore pretty regularly when I was prego with D. But you’re so much tinier than me so they may not fit :) Or if you need to borrow anything else for that matter–we live pretty close!

  3. 3

    From kapachino:

    I am definitely not tinier than you Jeanna! I actually think we are about the same size. I’ll let you know if I need to borrow anything!

  4. 4

    From Jen:

    So, everyone thinks I’m crazy about my pregnancy carpal tunnel. I was beginning to think it was psychological (you know, except for the awful pain and the dropping everything). I’m glad to hear it really does go away!

  5. 5

    From kapachino:

    Oh no it’s totally a thing! Mine got pretty bad by the end to where my hands were constantly numb. I had to ask coworkers to start IV’s for me. It did go away gradually after having the baby, but one of my friends had it and hers stuck around and eventually she had to have surgery to fix it. Hope that doesn’t happen to you!

  6. 6

    From Elizabeth:

    Wow- 20 weeks already! I was sitting here trying to remember if I knew what you were having- I’m glad to know you haven’t found out yet because I was going to feel bad if I forgot! You look great!

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