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November 15, 2013

I can never seem to get these quick takes up before late Friday afternoon. Ah well, let’s knock em out.


Remember how I said I was having car trouble? Turns out that while we were away for the weekend and my car was safely stowed away in the garage, some kind of rodent crawled into the engine and starting chewing up wires to the tune of $545. Not cool. I guess that could have happened to any car, but we are still considering trading mine in pretty soon because it’s having more and more problems recently.


I had such a relaxing weekend when we were on our mini trip, yet I still felt just as tired when we returned. I’ve regressed back nearly to my first trimester fatigue in wanting to go to sleep at 7:30 every night. I guess that’s just par for the pregnancy course when you have a two-year-old at home.


I made a ton of progress on my niece’s stocking but I’m lame and forgot to take a picture. Tonight our church is having a ladies’ craft night (these are my kind of people) and I have been looking forward to it for weeks so hopefully lots more progress to come.


Some Meredith updates. One night this week we visited David’s brother and she hung out with her cousin Cameron, who is three, all evening. First of all it is adorable to watch them play together. Second of all, she spilled milk all over her shirt and because I’m a pro parent we didn’t have any backup clothes so she wore one of Cameron’s home. She refused to take it off so she slept in it, and in the morning when I tried to put regular clothes on her she had an epic meltdown. So I sent her to school in it because I pick my battles and I am not willing to die on the hill of toddler fashion.

For example, see the shirt she’s wearing here?

stella and meredith

It’s one of her favorites, and it doesn’t matter that it’s almost too small or stained or really cheesy to begin with. She wears it all the time. Anyway, that’s Meredith’s sort-of cousin Stella with her, who came over (along with my brother and his wife) for dinner one night this week. We ate and made s’mores in the fireplace and Meredith followed Stella all over the house playing and the whole time she was sucking on her Tootsie Roll pop. I admired her dedication and she finished the whole thing.


So I used to be obsessed with Candy Crush just like everyone else, but then I got stuck on level 65 for months and I refused to pay money to beat it, so I eventually got bored and gave up. I hadn’t opened the app in several months until this week when I decided to play for the heck of it and I beat level 65 on the first try!!! And that is how I’ve come to be obsessed with Candy Crush all over again.


I’ve trained Meredith to make my coffee in the morning. It’s a Keurig, so it’s not rocket science, but she knows how to do it all including removing the drip tray to fit my travel mug in, throwing the old pod in the trash, placing a new one, which button to push to get the correct brew, and then to not touch it because it’s “ritty hot.” Usually I supervise her fairly closely but I was in a rush this morning and she was feeling particularly independent so she climbed up on her stool by herself and made me a cup, only I guess she was feeling adventurous and decided to push more buttons mid-brew and ended up turning off the whole thing before the cup was done. So then I ran another cycle using the same pod so the coffee was all diluted and I had to put in a bunch of hot chocolate mix to salvage it. I mean what do you have to do to get good help these days?


Weekend plans: visit a friend and her new baby, get my hair cut, go to the library, have a visit from another friend, and host our church small group for dinner. That last one is stressing me out because our house isn’t super conducive to large gatherings with a bunch of kids so it will take a lot of preparation. Other things I want to get done: document a day in the life, cook some food, prep my holiday minibook, and do a Project Life spread.

Have a good one!

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  1. 1

    From Amanda:

    What is that verse? “Train up a child in the way they should go…” :)

  2. 2

    From Jen:

    Just so you know, you can hack Candy Crush and get more lives by changing the time forward on your phone. It’s kind of ridiculous that I know this (& am currently three days in the hole).

  3. 3

    From Kara:

    I’ve been stuck on level 125 on Candy Crush for about 2 months now and it’s killing me. I hate my obsession with this game!

    And yes to your own personal barista. Just yes.

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