list 11 : at my best when

December 2, 2013

book of lists 11

For Thanksgiving I had a four-day holiday weekend and lots of plans to be incredibly productive. Unfortunately, on Friday night yet another stomach bug hit me and I was awake all night throwing up, so Saturday all my plans went out the window and I laid in bed all the live-long day. It got me to thinking about the conditions necessary for me to be at my very best, and this is what I came up with.

book of lists 11

I’ve had lots of sleep…

and a cup of coffee

It’s morning

I get some alone time to recharge

The house is clean

My family is happy

I spend time in prayer

book of lists 11

I snapped this picture on Sunday  morning when I was NOT at my best – bedhead, no makeup, pajamas and all – but I was feeling much better physically!

From here on out as we are heading into a new year and I’ll be starting a new chapter of my life as a mom of two in only a couple of months, I probably won’t be keeping up with this little project monthly. Look for it sporadically though, because I still love the book I’ve created and it’s a fun and quick creative outlet for me!


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